Review of The persuit of happyness

  • Name; Abdul Jalil

    CMS; 23021

    Discipline; M.Sc Mass Communication


    THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS is a Hollywood Film which was released in 2006. This film is very popular regarding to it's content and the incredible role played by Will Smith as a great devoted father towards his son. Will Smith pours his heart and soul into the main character. This movie is about being a man of strong will, a father with deep love and affection and a life which is the outcome of struggle and sacrifices. The story proceeds with the moderate life style and enters into a challenging situation with less opportunities of survival and standard of living dramatically falls into financial crisis resulting into family crisis.

    The depiction of hardship is in one hand on the other hand the struggle for better survival of a son for his father shows us the energy he puts into his son's future ultimately, makes him a proud father after watching this film if one walks out feeling nothing means something is very wrong with that person. This film is the best idea to watch with parents to pay them a huge thanks for what they are doing for us. 

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