Cambridge Analytica

  • Name; Abdul Jalil

    CMS; 23021

    Discipline; M.Sc Mass Communication.

    Cambridge Analytica is a U.N based  U.S  affiliated political consulting firm which started in 2013. An A meriacn person named Alexsandr Kogan who is a professor in Cambridge University developed an application called 'THISISYOURDIGITALLIFE' . Alexsandr Kogan started a personality research on social media users by hiring some 270000 active social users by paying them some amount of money. These 270000 people used the app 'THISISYOURDIGITALLIFE' and the data of these people including their friends were recorded.    

    The access of the application to the data of 87 million facebook users among them most were Americans let the Cambridge Analytica to understand their social behavior and helped this company to make 2016 U.S president D.Trumph's Election campaign  successful. Cambridge Analytica used the data and created fake news and information for the facebook users, so that they should vote Donald Trumph.

    The data of 87 million people exposed to Cambridge Analytica by Alexsandr Kogan was an illegal move which was against the terms and policy of Facebook. Cambridge Analytica has been functioning since 2013 and could have worked for political setups before aswell and likely be working in the future. 


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