My MS Research Journey,

  • Screen Addiction from Digital Media in Pre-schoolers: Parents Perception Related to Level of Exposure

    The topic I selected for the thesis is to “screen addiction from digital media in pre-schoolers where I have also examined the perception of the parents related to the level of exposure”.  I have developed some of the objectives that demonstrate what extent digital media addiction affects social relationships and physical health of the pre-schoolers as well as how and what extent parent’s perception define attitude regarding digital media use. The purpose of doing qualitative research is not just a scientific concern but also an ethical and aesthetic one that might reflect some of the theories. I found out that communication with respondents was one of the difficult tasks in doing the thesis. I have also developed different forms of the representation where I can handle the issue catered in the research study.

                With the intention to comprehend the parenting in the digital age, I find out that it is quite essential to comprehend the online behavior or attitude of the young children. This means that while focusing on technology addiction, children who are addicted can be seen engaging with digital technologies that might lead to experience diverse kinds of outcomes. On the other hand, I have also examined that there are negative experiences and outcomes such as harm and risk which demonstrate that technology that children employ can be related to the content risk.

                While conducting the interview strategy with regard to provide the guidance to the participants on what they have to talk about and how they can find it useful for the research study I focused on communicative concern with the intention to present research discoveries in several ways that also engage the respondents and imagination of the readers. In this way, I find out that the import of the research has become alive. While conducting the qualitative research in the dissertation, I feel that presenting and disseminating different studies in a traditional and conventional manner have demonstrated the reliable outcomes. The value of the qualitative research is that it has provided parents experiences with their children and have given reliable answers. I have employed positivism with the empiricist view which demonstrates the understanding of the stems from the experience of participants selected in this research study. This means I have observed some of the studies that were quantifiable with regard to provide the information in findings and analysis.

                For the grounded theory, I find out that qualitative research study has suggested 15 ordinary citizens but rather specialized people in this current research study. Therefore, the sample size in the qualitative research seemed to be the best to determine the time allotted for the objectives and questions.  For applying the content analysis, it is crucial to writing the right methodology, so I have employed content analysis with the intention to provide better information regarding the topic. I have provided the systematic and logical approach and provide the better understanding of the topic which needs evocation and faithfulness and still being grounded in scientific practice. The challenge to do the qualitative research was to draw the traditions including the philosophies of different researchers or scholars. Hence, the challenge of attending the qualitative research was to make dissemination activities more imaginative and engaging towards the participants of the study.