• Eid ul Azha 


    It is the Islamic celebration of all Muslim Ummah in this world. It regards the preparation of Ibrahim to forfeit his youngster as an exhibit of quiet submission to God's charge. In any case, before Ibrahim could relinquish his kid, God gave a sheep to forfeit. In acknowledgment of this, an animal is yielded and confined into three segments: 33% of the offer is given to destitute individuals and poor; another third is given to relatives. 


    In Islamic logbook Eid ul Azha falls on tenth of Zilhajj. Amid Eid al-Azha, dispersing meat among the general population, droning the takbir so anyone can hear before the Eid supplications on the primary day and after petitions all through the three long periods of Eid, are viewed as fundamental parts of this essential Islamic celebration. 


    Men, ladies and youngsters wear best garments to perform Eid Prayer and commend this holiest celebration. 


    I woke up at 05:00 AM cleaned up and went for Eid supplication at 05:30 AM alongside my dad. Imam Masjid showed us in his khitaab to regard each other, he appeals to God for solidarity of the Nation; he petitions God for poor, he petitions God for all Muslim Ummah for being joined together. 


    After Namaz e Eid, at 06:15 AM butcher sought butchering our Qurbani creatures. We free from our qurbani at 4.30 by isolating meat for our relatives, poor and neighbors. 


    Our Eid was gone through with loaded with euphoria, joy, fun and satisfaction. After that social gathering with all relatives began.


    But this Eid is very different for me because a lot of outing with my cousins and specially focus on this point that I was waited for my favourite cousin he is just like my brother . I don’t know it happens with other because when I saw my around everyone is busy in a mall watching movie and somewhere in playland but I’m different because I thought that happiness always connected with your relatives those who loves most