• The KARBALA battel occurred on Muharram(October 10, 680 AD)

    On this day in Iraq . The fight occurred between a little gathering of supporters and relatives of Muhammad's

    grandson, Hussain ibn Ali and a bigger military separation from the powers of Yazid, the Umayyad calipha . Husayn ibn Ali revealed to Yazid's armed force to offer him single fight, and they gave him his demand. He slaughtered everyone that battled him in single fights . He much of the time constrained his foe into withdraw, slaughtering an extraordinary number of adversaries. Husayn and prior his child Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn were the two warriors who infiltrated and scattered the center of ibn Sa'ad's armed force, an indication of extraordinary bedlam in conventional fighting. By the evening of the tenth day, Husayn was disregarded encompassed by the foe. There were faltering among the people over tolerating the duty of Husayn's demise .. They persistently assaulted each other until his various wounds made him remain a minute.