A silent Eid

  • Seeping through the curtains like every day, announcing its arrival nudging to wake up. With a crack of an eye it seemed like any other day yet it was not. Eid-ul-Azha had arrived but for some odd reason it didn’t feel like Eid. The sound of mom yelling “get up”, the sweet scent of “sawaiyyan” mixed with the aroma of meat, the voice of dad in the far back ground asking for more packets, wasn’t their that’s the reason why it didn’t feel like Eid. As it kept on nudging to wake up it didn’t feel right somehow, trying to console the naive heart, they at the house of God safe and blessed, the brain kept telling yet the heart kept on ignoring. The sound of a ringing phone broke the connection between them and directed the attention solely on the other end. The sweet sound of mom saying “Eid Mubarak” was all it took to jump out and run to her, her tired face saw us in our last night’s cloths and she understood. Her tired smile said to get ready and show her priceless jewels. But the wait still continues…..