A battle of Good and Evil ( Muharram)

  • A war fought since the start of time between good and evil, a never ending battle that blinded the greatest of men to fight in the greed of power. Such event took place in the battle of Karbala. When the grandson of Abu Sufyan (RA) was appointed as the next successor, the muslims opposed to him as their caliph, stating he was unfit to rule the muslims. When the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Husayn (RA) refused to accept his leadership, it started the chain of events that lead to the death of the grandson of Prophet (PBUH). Yazid order to kill Husayn (RA) cousin who was in kufa, on the request of the people there. Yazid was blinded by power that he cut the supply of water where the grandson and his followers camped. They asked that they would return to where they had come from but the demands of Husayn (RA) were not met as they believed if he returned, he would come back more powerful . Before the battle began on the 10th of Muharam, Husayn (RA) saw his grandfather in his dream informing him that he will see him soon, indicating it was his last day in earth. Husayn (RA) and followers deprived of water and tired did not fire first as they wanted to resolve the situation. They fought gallantly in the name of Allah and their enemies showed no mercy upon them. In the end Yazid cut the head of the grandson of Prophet (PBUH) and parade it around the city. After his death it is stated that the sun would rise and fall as if it was stained with the blood of Husayn.