How financial corruptions obstructs the base of development in Pakistan.

    Corruption: Corruption is taken from the Latin verb rumpere, to break. According to this methodology, corruption is where the law is broken. 

    For example, three out of four Pakistanis who have come into contact with the police in the past year report paying a bribe. Pakistan’s police forces are suffering from a lack of equipment, poor training, and chronic corruption and no one is giving them the respect and attention because it has become a custom in our society that they are corrupt and they do nothing for their country.

    Types of corruption;

    • Systemic corruption
    • Sporadic (individual) corruption
    • Political (Grand) corruption
    • Grand corruption
    • Petty corruption


    Financial corruption, when an organization is given an amount for the development or for the general public or for another purpose, and when that full amount is not use for the purpose for which it was handed to the authority then we say financial corruption has acquired in the organization.

    For example a few days ago a nazim of a district claimed that he had spent over 50 cores on the development of the area but when news reporters went there no development was seen and the locals of the area confirmed that they had seen no development done during his period as an elected nazim.

    Corruption in Pakistan, when we talk about corruption in Pakistan it dates back to the time it came into being and even today we are not behind any nation in corruption. The daily value of corruption in Pakistan is a staggering amount of Rs.12 billion per day or Rs.4320 billion per year. And this chain of corruption goes from the lowest individual to the highest individual in Pakistan. For example Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was declared ineligible to hold office by Supreme Court of Pakistan according to the constitution of Pakistan due to corruption and illegal money stashed abroad by him come into the light through the famous Panama Papers. And when we talk about corruption is Pakistan it can be seen in every sector, may it be the parliament, education sector, health sector, sports, any business, politics, law enforcements or even the defense forces of the country. 

    Judiciary, in 2010, TI Pakistan presented a breakdown of the various actors in the judicial system involved in corruption.

    Health, in 2010, 42% of surveyed individuals reported gaining access to hospital services by a method other than standard admission, and 48% reported either having to pay additional costs for essential services forced to utilize the services of a designated affiliate.

    And the list goes on and on, the simplest services are not given to the nation and they resort to such low acts of corruption to survive. The government has taken action against corruption but, the problem is that corruption can neither be curbed with hollow slogans nor by declaration of assets by the politicians and government employees. 

    How financial corruptions obstructs the base of development in Pakistan.

    As we established that the corruption is in all the sectors of the nations and in almost every individual. Corruption is the mother of every evil-not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. Due to this corruption it has become the cause of unemployment, lack of resources, lack of proper health care, lack of education and so much more, all this resulting in the underdevelopment of the country.

    When every organization will hire not on the bases of merit but whose letter of recommendation that person holds in his hand. Then how will an organization work or prosper if the worker does not have the knowledge or set of skills to do the job proper. I can give a personal example, when a son or daughter of high ranked officer or politicians goes for a driving-test; even if they fail they get the driving licenses. No matter where they go they get the same treatment and cutting off the right of the person who was in all right entitled to the position or turn.

    The development will stop when uneducated people are elected due to the power they hold or how they threaten the locals to get elected or bribe them because the  individual is either uneducated or has no source of income and has to eat and takes whatever they offer and votes in their favor.

    For example of metro bus in Islamabad (Kashmir highway) due to the construction over a period of time, when people could reach from Islamabad or Rawalpindi or vice versa under 30 minutes now its take more than an hour to reach because of the construction and over flow of traffic, all the money was not used for its construction and bad material as well. For their own gain the political parties do not see that they are effecting (damaging) on order to gain what they want for their own selfish reasons.      

    Proper curriculum so from early age the young generation understands the real life system. Educated politicians to be elected in the government so they can keep a proper check on the other sectors of the nation.