media influence

  • When we just discuss the media industry it’s safe to say that it’s a business that’s based on information, communication and entertainment. Media industry can be categorized in more than 6 types but the three major types are;

    • Broadcasting (television, radio)
    • Print (magazines, books, posters)
    • Film (cinema, DVD)

    We can also state as Kung L wrote in his book;

    “The media industry is not a monolith, but rather a conglomeration of different industries that have the creation of mediated content as a common activity”

    Media content: something that is expressed (writing, art, information, etc.) by the means of some medium.

    We can say that media industry is the medium used to communicate the media content to the large number of people  

    So the question “how media industry influence the media contact” can be seen clearly. We have established that the media industry consists of broadcasting, print and film, which furthermore, can be classified as movies, TV shows, radio, news, music and now in this age video games and even virtual reality. All these classification have, their own media companies, houses or studios and they have their own agendas some in the favor of the general mass, to purely entertain and some to runs political agendas or propagandas. Thus the statement how media influences the media content its clear now that media content is all dependent on the agenda of the every individual media industry.

    For example: the campaigns on “women rights” are on the peak and it has brought forth good and bad both, as any new change brings forth both sides of the reality. Through these campaigns how it influenced the media industry and media content. Movies based on women empowerment are being created, music is being created, every news channel shows any movement regarding women rights, documentaries shown, the biggest example and a common movie is “hidden figures” about am black African-American women that works at NASA and extremely gifted and amazing with numbers and helps the NASA with the first launch to the moon and till now her name never came forth. Countless examples of women empowerment can be seen why because people wanted to see that. This can come in the benefit of the mass media.

    This was an international example. We can take a local example of our armed forces. Digital age made it possible even for the common man to have the information regarding almost any information they want. When we talk about our armed forces before people were not aware about what they did regarding the country security but now they are aware what the reality is thus to cover up their acts they made a whole new department “ISPR”. ISPR only agenda is to gain sympathy of the general public and make then see what the army is doing and protecting them from India and losing their young men on a daily basis.

    Every media industry has its own agendas, for example ARY, while we talk about this local news channel which now a days are politically ranned, its pro PTI.


    When this media industries were created they were to provide information to the common man, so he may know how his money is being used and what is happening in the country, before that these types of information were only available to the elite class, the general mass were not allowed this privilege. As the time passed the agenda to give information to people changed into political gain, first print media was used, than when broadcasting came things changed for a new perspective. Advertisements were a new way to play with people minds and new media content were created by the media industries. For example Malik Riaz, is the owner and the founder or Bahria town and the 7th richest person in the world. He buys 20 minutes worth of air time on different TV channels and due to this no TV channels shows him as a criminal and how he started up his business but the money he invests in the TV channels. The media industries have changed their policy from informing people to benefitting their own. This has become a business and media industries create that media content that benefits them, ignoring that fact what type of impact they might have on the general mass. 


    Past 20 years has changed the way of exchanging information and communicating with one and other through social media. They impact of social media has on the lives of the people has changed the way they think. The content displayed on the social media, again according to the agendas that benefits them. Same goes with video games as well these days. A man saw the impact video games have on the young generation and he wanted to get rid of as much population as possible that he created a game with the name of blue whale that as soon as you downloaded it, it hacked your phone and get all your personal information, even if it was deleted and then that games gives you dares and if you didn’t complete them all your information would get leaked to the family members and all over the social media, lots of death occurred due to that game and it played with the minds of the younger generation in ways that they were not the same who played that game. This is how media industries create the media content according to own benefits.