• Hard hearts don't feel torment, simply sensitive ones do. In addition, it is the gentlest that tear their hearts open: to feel the torment of Imam al-Hussain (a.s.) and his relinquish, and change its activities into this present reality.

    Imam al-Hussain's (a.s.) is a legacy that solicitations to be felt, in light of the way that the tendency itself is an impulse, asking towards change, fight, and change.

    To love as significantly as Imam al-Hussain (a.s.) – to submit mind, body, and soul to the longing of an All-Merciful and All-Compassionate God – requires valor. In case one man was conquered enough to love thusly and in doing all things considered, changed the course of history everlastingly, what may happen in case we in general endeavored to do in like manner?

    After none remained from his family or companions, Imam al-Hussain (a.s.) stayed on the fields of Karbala and called, "Is there any supporter left to energize me?"...