Eid Ul Azha

  • Eid ul Azha

    Eid ul Azha is the Islamic festival of all Muslim Ummah in this world. It respects the readiness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his child as a demonstration of acquiescence to God's charge. Be that as it may, before Ibrahim could forfeit his child, God gave a sheep to sacrifice. In recognition of this, a creature is yielded and isolated into three sections: 33% of the offer is given to poor people and penniless; another third is given to relatives.

    In Islamic calendar Eid ul Azha falls on 10th of Zilhajj. During Eid al-Azha, distributing meat amongst the people, chanting the takbir out loud before the Eid prayers on the first day and after prayers throughout the three days of Eid, are considered essential parts of this important Islamic festival.

    Men, women and children wear finest clothes to perform Eid Prayer and celebrate this holiest festival.

    I woke up at 6.30 AM took bath and went for Eid prayer at 7.00 AM along with my father. Imam Masjid taught us in his khitaab to respect each other, he prays for solidarity of the Nation; he prays for poor, he prays for all Muslim Ummah for being united.

    After Namaz e Eid, at 10.30 AM butcher came for slaughtering our Qurbani animals. We free from our qurbani at 4.30 by separating meat for our relatives, poor and neighbours.

    Our Eid was spent with full of joy, happiness, fun and enjoyment. After that get together with all relatives started.