•                              DRUGS IN PAKISTAN

    Drug addiction in Pakistan:

    ·        According to UN estimate there are 9.5 million drug users in Pakistan.

    ·        Cannabis and heroin is mostly used drug because it’s cheap.

    ·        There are 4 million cannabis users in Pakistan.

    ·        UNODC calculates 8 lac Pakistanis aged b/w 16 to 54 use heroins regularly.

    ·        44 tons heroin consumed annually in Pakistan.

    ·        In KPK cannabis and ICE is used in large number.

    ·        In Punjab number of injection drug users increased sharply in 2007.

    ·        Opiate users are 76%

    ·        Ice sold at 4000 to 6000 per gram.

    Main Supplier:

    Afghanistan is the main supplier of drugs. Drugs are supplied in Pakistan through torkham border. Pakistan is considered as main country through which narcotics produced in Afghanistan are transported to the rest of the world and Karachi is the key point in drug supply routes.43 % of Afghani opiates traffic to all over the world through Pakistan.



    Effects of Drugs:

    ·        Drowsiness

    ·        Slurred speech

    ·        Memory problem

    ·        Depression

    ·        Confusion

    ·         Low breathing

    Causes of Drug Addiction:

    ·        Low prices

    ·        Lack of job and economic frustrations

    ·        Lack of education

    ·        Influence of friends or peer pressure

    ·        To higher sexual pleasure

    ·        Blurred vision

    ·        Day by day addiction

    Rehabilitation Centers:

    Anti-Narcotics force of Pakistan (ANF) since 1995 and Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) since 2009 are working very hard for making drug free Pakistan.


    Importance of this Topic:

    With the aim of creating a workforce of young, emerging leaders, capable of bringing positive, sustainable, measurable and lasting change in society. The organization upholds a comprehensive policy and approach to Drug Prevention, Youth Empowerment, Peace and Development, Quality Education, Research, and awareness for Capacity Building. DFPF is the partner organization of New Horizon Care Centre (NHCC), which has been working since 2001 as the first free-of-cost treatment & rehabilitation centre in the country providing free treatment, rehabilitation, after care and follow-up services to needy people with substance use problems.