Eid Millad un Nabi SAW in the Light of Quran and Ahadith

  •                   Eid Millad un Nabi SAW 

    Before writing about the arguments of Eid Millad un Nabi SAW. I want to clear the meaning of Millad according to literature and Shariah.

    The word Millad has been derived from "viladut" which means birth. Therefore, according to Arabic language, Millad is word which signifies the place and time of birth. Millad is to remember the events which took place at the birth time of Holy Prophet SAW. We get the chance to remember the seerat and lifestyle of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. Our beloved Holy Prophet SAW is in our hearts every time but when the 3rd month of Islamic calendar that is Rabi ul Awal starts our ebadaat increases day by day because its the month of birth of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. 12th of Rabi ul Awal is the birth date of our beloved Prophet. He SAW is born at early in the morning before fajar (Subha Sadiq).

    Millad un Nabi SAW is the great source of preaching. It is incumbent for scholars to teach Muslim nations on this Holy occasion, moral behavior of Holy Prophet SAW His antiquates, His affairs, His seerat, His dealings and His worships.

    Now I am going to write the proof of Millad Un Nabi SAW in the light of Quran:

    Proof of the Holy Quran

    The Qur'anic verses proves that to celebrate Millad isn't only a proper deed but it is additionally a praiseworthy.

    1) Allah Almighty says in Quran:

    "The peace is on Him the day when he was born and the day when he will die and the day when he will be raised alive." (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al-Maryam, Verse 15)

    In the above verse Allah Almighty has mentioned the complete Millad of Hazrat Yahya (Alaihis Salam). Also, before this Allah Almighty has mentioned the occasions which occurred before the birth. It is a similar method for celebrating birth day as Ahle Sunnat adopts for the Millad of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW of Allah Almighty. At the end of the day the Prophet of Allah Almighty Hazrat Isa (Alaihis Salam) praises his very own Millad.

    2) Allah Almighty says:

    "At that point remember the bounties of Allah and wander not in the earth spreading mischief."

    (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Araf, Verse 74)

    In the above verse Allah Almighty requests us to recall his bounties and prizes. The last Prophet of Allah Almighty Muhammad SAW is, without a doubt, incredible gift of Allah Almighty for entire humankind. Allah Almighty himself thinks about the Prophet SAW His extraordinary support for humankind as He says:

    "Without a doubt, Allah completed an extraordinary support to the Muslims that in them from among themselves sent an ambassador who presents unto them His signs and purifies them and teaches them the book and insight and essentially before that they were surely obvious mistake.

    (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Ale Imran, Verse 164)

    In this manner, as per the Qur'anic edicts we should recollect the beloved Prophet of Allah Muhammad SAW and Milad-un-Nabi is a most ideal method for remembrance of the best Prophet Muhammad SAW.

    In another words Allah Almighty says:

    "And publicize well the favor of your lord"

    (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Duha, Verse 11)

    The social event of Milad un Nabi SAW incite Muslims on saying Durood and Salam  to petition God for prophet Muhammad SAW of gift and harmony Allah Almighty says:

    "Oh you who I accept send upon Him gift and salute Him completely well in abundance. (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Ahzab, Verse 56)

    According to the law of Shariah, a thing which is wanted by Shariah, is actually a like a point of Shariah. Also, the advantages of Durood - o-salam are such a great amount in numbers that can not be counted. Durood - o-salam reasons for the help of Allah Almighty in this world and here after. So Milad un Nabi SAW is a source of satisfying the commandments of Allah Almighty

    6) Allah Almighty says:

    "And all that we describe to you of the news of the messengers is to strengthen your heart therewith." (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Hood, Verse 121)

    This Qur'anic verse uncovers that the wisdom of mentioning the narratives and occasions of Prophets (Alaihis salam) was to stand fast the core of the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. What's more, clearly we are, additionally today, needing being stand fast. We should realize that how; the prophet of Allah confronted the issues of his time so we may confront the issues of our occasions as indicated by the Sunnah. In this manner Milad un Nabi SAW gives us a chance to think about the issue of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

    Evidence of Hadith:

    There are many narrations, which proves the Millad Sharif however I compose a few.

    1) The Prophet Muhammad SAW himself expressed his very own introduction to the world from earliest reference point He says: "I had been transferred, continuously, from purified offspring to purified wombs. I had been given birth by a legal marriage not by adultery. At the point when Allah Almighty sent Adam Alaihis Salam on earth so He place me in his spine and then transferred in Nuh Alaihis salam in his boat, and then in Ibrahim Alaihis salam Allah Almighty transferred me consistently from respectable offspring to the purified wombs up to that He got me my parents who never committed adultery."

    (Tafseer Ruhul Bayan, Vol. 3, Page 54)

    As I have written first and foremost that Millad implies the season of birth or place of birth. So the Holy Prophet SAW himself celebrated his own Millad. Similarly Ahle Sunnat following the Holy Prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him)narrate the occasions of the introduction of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW .This hadith is the clear proof of Milad un Nabi (Allah's Grace and Peace arrive) and in addition reveal to us that to observe Milad un Nabi SAW isn't advancement (bidat) yet it is a sunnah (convention) of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

    There are many different narrations which portray that the Prophet of (Allah's Grace and Peace arrive) celebrate his own Millad a few times, a portion of those narrations have been written in Mishkat Sharif.