• ''Assume nothing, Question Everything.''

    Albert Einstein

    The statement could not be more true to life. The world is vast. It holds many secrets. A child is brought in this world and before taking his or her first steps, they question themselves without owning the ability to verbalize their thoughts, ''Where am I?'' as they enter a completely new world, the world that they can now share with others. 

    ''Who are they?'', the second question.

    ''Can I go back?'', the third question.

    What is there to assume for a child who knows absolutely nothing about his or her surroundings? Similarly, what is there to assume for a grown adult who's partner is late to your rendezvous? A magnitude of difference in knowledge is significant but the power in making that decision is reliant on your willingness to resign to an idea that could have a 50-50 chance of helping you achieve what you sought after in the first place.

    Assuming in situations where gaining the specifics is challenging like when following a certain route when neither of your GPS devices are working and there is no signal or assuming that your partner is probably hung up due to work when they aren't picking your calls or assuming the weather before going out is called intuition. Following your intuitions is acceptable in these kind of times although, confirming this later is just as important. 

    The intellectual never stops learning. It is because they are so curious and willing to know more that they exert themselves into new situations on a daily and expand their scope of the world. Being mindful of every passing occurrence to define their life style and code of conduct. 

    In this universe, there is no such thing as being a 'know-it-all'. Because in this fast paced, quick-to-change-gears world of chaos, there cannot possibly be a full stop to knowledge. No one can actually 'know it all' unless you are God.






     Questioning is the primary element to survival.