Iqbal's forgotten legacy

  • اپنے من میں ڈوب کر پا جا سراجِ زندگی تو اگر میرا نہیں بنتا نہ بن, اپنا تو بن 9th of November, date when pakistan has been blessed by the great philosopher, barrister, thinker and poet who was of great inspiration for about 141 years ago. He was known as the well renowned poet of the East (shair-e-mashriq) and considered as the national poet of our homeland. His vision still at that time was more revolutionized and flourished that gives a strong depiction of the modern era. He was the one who laid the two nation theory and envisage the idea of separate country of origin. He inspired specially the youth community of that time toward evaluatuing themselves not just as a nation but the real Illuminating strength. Iqbal day is celebrated today worldwide in order to give homage to shair e mashriq. A public holiday that is much needed in order to crave Iqbal's vision our teen's mind. But rather than closing the institution there should be energizing sessions, seminars and healthy activies to engage children more and more toward our glorious history. We as a whole nation will remain indebted of him till the day of judgement as he prominate us at that time when muslims were in evident dwindle. I just love Iqbal's day celebrations. It gives awareness to our public that how they have emerged in this modern society due to the scarification of our ancestors and i think best possible way to give homage to him is by educating our children, providing self esteem to them, to make his imagination true. As he emphasised upon motherhood and progressive standing of women in society, we should now empower our women in order to meet prosperity. His idea of banda-e-haq and mard-e-Momin is of prime important, moreover his finest literary concept of khudi that gives concept of originality, individualism, self reliance is the asset for us. ہر لحظہ ہے مومِن کی نئ شان نئ آن گفتار میں, کردار میں, اپنا اللہ کی برہان