mass media

  • Today in 21th century , mass media provides the biggest platform for economics. It has turned world in to a global village due to which trade, communication , economics has become so easy for everyone on the face of earth. Mass media is the communication link or a platform for masses to interact with each other. It includes all the mediums of communication. Capitalism is an economic system based upon private ownership of means and production for their operation of profit. In this system the holder of any type of property is not answerable to government or to any other institute for their possession. Characteristics central to capitalism accumulation, wage, labor , voluntary exchange , a price system and competitive markets. Capitalist use mass media as a "propaganda machine" for their own benefit. They use media in unethical ways which gives false image of government and private sector. Most western journalist believe that western trading of journalism is universal according to which all journalist have moral obligations to follow. History said that mass media is one of the biggest supporter of capitalist economic system because it gives freedom of speech and awareness of rights. On the other hand, the second name of capitalism is freedom. That's the reason capitalist take full advantage of mass media and use it as they want for their purpose