• The IJP Road A.K.A Islamabad/Inter Junction Principal Road is dividing road of twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad from Faizabad till G.T. Road . Almost all of you know in the twin cities about it and use it daily, According to the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), around 100,000 vehicles ply the road daily. Yes , that’s a huge number and I guess you would know what the traffic situation is like on it. I mean considering the fact that IJP Road witness heavy traffic from the Lahore-Peshawar GT Road which means Trucks , lots and lots of trucks which have unregulated timings Plus MCI’s failure of completion of this important road and also the lack of maintenance and negligence as it is riddled with potholes and uneven surfaces , causing daily traffic jams and incidents and is basically a naissance for the common man.The traffic police too find it difficult to regulate traffic due to the rush. “Traffic moves slowly due to the dilapidated road condition which causes traffic jams making it difficult for us to regulate vehicle flow,” said a traffic warden deployed on the road.After the start of the metro bus construction work, traffic from Double Road and Benazir Bhutto Road was diverted to IJP Road. This additional load worsened the situation.“It takes us at least one and a half hour to reach Pirwadhai Mor from Faizabad, which is some nine kilometres away due to the traffic jams,” said Zafar Bukhari, a resident of Chor locality who works at Quaid-e-Azam University.

    I personally would definitely chose another road to get to my destination if I had an option as it is too much of a naissance once you get on IJP.

    But this is not the issue for what that I’m here. The issue with IJP is much severe and it affects the people not only who use the road for transport but also live alongside and near it. That issue is The Dumping ground that IJP has become.

    the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) had been at it since 2014 about who has to pick up the solid waste that has been dumped alongside the IJP road .

    The abandoned piles of household garbage can threaten humans, wildlife and the environment in the area. “The monsoon season is round-the-corner and open dump sites are considered conducive breeding grounding for mosquitoes and flies. They also contaminate the soil and groundwater in addition to streams and other waterways. The open dumping is not only decreasing the quality of life for nearby residents and the local communities, but also creating a public nuisance

    Here are some concerns by the common people affected by this tragedy :

    “The CDA dumped the solid waste and burned it at night and the smoke and foul smell emitting from the garbage spread to the areas of Habib Colony, Westridge Valley and even at Westridge-III, people could not keep their windows open at night due to the foul smell that taxed the nerves of the residents, besides causing them allergies” said Bilal Ahmed, a resident of Habib Colony.

    Malik Riaz, a resident of Westridge-III, said rats had increased in his area owing to dumping of solid waste along I.J. Principal Road. He said that the smoke emitting from the garbage created breathing problems for the residents of the area

    Sheikh Mohammad Bashir, a resident of British Homes, said the foul smell produced by the piles of garbage, especially in the evening, polluted the environment of the nearby areas. He pointed out that there was no boundary wall around the landfill site and the overflowing garbage dumpers which came to the dumping site also polluted the area, adding that such sites should be shifted outside the city area.

    The solid waste not only created environmental problems but was also dangerous to human health as biological decomposition of solid waste produce nitrogen and ammonia gases which decrease oxygen in the area. I have personally fallen victim to these foul smells and it has even worsened my allergies and has caused breathing problems for me. Further more the landfill is also really close to some major hospitals and cause a lot of problems to the patients. Although the CDA used to dump poultry feed waste, dead animals and other material which gave out a foul smell. Now they have stopped dumping such items which eradicated foul smell from the area but this is not enough.

    In January 2015, the CDA had announced it would relocate the city’s temporary garbage dump site from Sector I-12 to an unspecified location. In 2014, the CDA had shifted the dump site from Sector D-12 to Sector I-12 along IJP Road on Supreme Court directions. The CDA had informed the court in writing that it was in consultation with Pak-EPA to select a suitable permanent landfill site, but since then, it has failed to allot a specific location. From the late 1980s till 2006, the CDA dumped its municipal waste in Sector H-12, before shifting to Sector H-11. After the Islamabad High Court took notice of the new site in 2010, it was moved to sector I-14.Later, the site was shifted to sector I-12, and then to sector D-12 in 2013. After the apex court’s intervention, it was again shifted back to Sector I-12. Since its establishment in 1960, the CDA has failed to find a location for a permanent garbage dump. Ignoring the court orders, the CDA has been continuing with the practice of dumping solid waste in the open along the IJP Road in Sector I-12.

    It is no wonder that Rawalpindi is the 7th most polluted city in the world according to WHO in a report and the air pollution and land pollution caused by this landfill is a major contributor in it. This issue has been taken into consideration by authorities whenever there was a dengue or malaria outbreak in the Monsoon seasons but that’s about it. Although all of the complaints have fell deaf on CDA’s ears the issue is so severe that it has to be brought up to the Prime minister. I hope with the installation of the new government and new policies that this issue would be tackled and maybe the road would be made better and regulated too

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