Blog by Nisar Hussain

  • “Humans are the worst enemy of humanity itself” - That’s why in Islamic traditions ANGELS questioned GOD about their creation… “Battle of Karbala” is one of the biggest events in the history of mankind in which PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) grandson sacrificed His (RA) life for Islam. The event of Karbala taught us the bravery and love for the ummah from IMAM HUSSAIN (RA).  He (RA) taught us that whatever it takes never give up and never stand aside for Islam. He (RA) knew that He and His family will be killed by Yazid, but He (RA) didn’t hide from him and faced the enemy of Islam.

    Now-a-days, we have forgotten the true meaning of His (RA) sacrifice. He (RA) gave up his life in prayer; He (RA) didn’t give up Islam and showed us that Islam is the only religion which gives us freedom from hell of this world and of the hereafter. Muslims who learn from His (RA) example – show a strong believe in ALLAH that Allah is the only ‘Supreme Being’ and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah.