Media (Elementary Intro)

  • “Media” is derived from word ‘medium’, referring to a mode, channel or carrier. Media is the main means of mass communication .i.e. broadcasting, journalism, advertisement and public relations – (regarded as a single term). Media was and is intended to reach out and address a large target group or audience (masses). It is divided in to 3 different forms. First is print media that includes newspapers, magazines pamphlets, etc. Second is electronic media that includes the TV technology. And the third and last is digital media that is internet and mobile technology. Media in any democratic country is considered to be the 4th pillar of state after judiciary, legislative and executives. Being considered an important part of society and state, media works as a mirror that shows the present, past and possible future of its society and what is happening inside it. Media is considered to be the watch dog so it is media’s duty to work independently, neutrally and truthfully for the accountability of society and its aspects. Media has an educational-entertainment role meaning that mainstream media not only provide entertainment to its consumers but it also provides education and information to the masses through it. Media have the tendency to play the role in the shaping and construction of opinion of masses. Important issues, crimes, corruption and every important aspect comes under its watch through which it helps people to know and realize the truth and to make amends for the present and future situation. In today’s world media have increased its scope in the shape of internet and modern technologies .i.e. social media (regarded as digital media). Social media have opened many new dimensions in media as no other medium have created. It does have its bad side but the important aspect is that it is faster, better and can reach almost any part of the world making it easy for the people and different bodies, for example: governments, media agencies and other units to reach out to the rest of the world and works as they want to. One famous example of this large scale media is Panama leaks that leaked the information about the corruption of many influential figures in the world, making the corrupt politicians resign from their post. Another example of its approach is “Snowden leaks” by “Edward Snowden” that told the world: truth about the major powers that how they are monitoring and invading the lives of millions of people around the world in the name of so called security and check. This clearly shows that how much powerful has media become in the last few years and how much it effects and controls many aspects of society and in fact society itself. This shows that with this potential, it is the duty of media to work in the benefit of people and not against them so that the society may benefit from it. In case of media, with great powers comes great responsibility.