Blog by Rbia Iqbal

  • The importance of tenth Muharram is based on the sacrifice of HAZRAT IMAM HUSSAIN who sacrificed his life and that of his family for Islam. It was fight between right and wrong and he showed us that one should stand firm for the right even if the wrong looks strong.  BENU HASHEM and BENU UMAYYA were the two families of Quraysh. Hazrat Hussain was from Benu Hashim and Yazid was from Benu Umayya. 

    The history started well before the incident when Yazid asked Hazrat Hussain for his consent for his caliphate, but Hazrat Hussain did not agreed to as Yazid was not following the tenets of Islam. Upon his refusal Yazid decided to kill Hazrat Hussain which occurred on tenth of Muharram in Karbala.

    Tenth of Muharram is the day to remember the martyrdom of Hazrat Hussain. It is very important day in Muslim history to reiterate the resolve to standby the truth and against the wrong.  Tenth of Muharram is also known as Ashura Muharram.