Blog by Alina Bashir

  • Muharram 10, as a day of Ashura is considered the greatest day of mourning in Islamic culture. The greatest massacre occurred to the ahl al-Bayt ('a) of the holy Prophet (PBUH) on Muharram al-Haram 10, 61 A.H./ October, 680 A.D.; Imam Hussain (A,S) along with more than 100 people of his relatives and companions were painfully martyred.
    Invited by Kufans and hurried to eliminate the oppression, but prior to reaching this city, Imam Hussain (A.S) was encircled by the enemies in Karbala. Being not ready to accept the humiliation of surrender and allegiance to usurping tyrannical government of Yazeed, with thirsty lips and amazing manliness, the Imam  his progeny and companions fought until the last person and were martyred. The survivors and his wives were also captured by the dark forces.
    Ashura, a mourning day of the Prophets and the Virtuous.
    The tragedy of Ashura is so great that either prior to it or after it, Prophets and the virtuous cried for it. Although it is a great day of azadary and mourning, Ashura, as a manifestation of battle between right and wrong, has been known as a day of sacrifice in the way of religion and doctrine and inspiring for freemen, Muslim and non Muslim freedom-seekers.
    On this day, along with few companions, but faithful, steadfast and might, as Imam Hussain bin Ali (AS) fought against stone-hearted and numerous of Yazeed troops and changed Karbala into an ever-living scene of love, epoch and freedom, the world freemen, without taking into account their own number and ability, fight usurpers and tyrants.
    Though Ashura was one day, it has ever effect; it has affected consciences and hearts deeply so that since then continuous uprisings in the name of Imam Hussain (AS) and by his inspiration have been happened.
    But there’s also a question that when Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) had a chance to make dua for himself to change his fate, why He didn’t do so? The answer is Hazrat Imam Hussain already knew his destiny…and He embraced martyrdom for ALLAH, and he didn’t questioned ALLAH’s decision and sacrificed himself for the sake of Islam..and also he was honored that he will give his martyrdom as a gift to his beloved Grandfather Rasool Allah (PBUH).