5th September Miracle

  • Working on Defense day few weeks back, an interesting thing that went un-mentioned in previous web activities was Defense day train event on 5th September – 2018 by ISPR, NLC and Riphah International University combined. This event was quite particular and unique in nature, specifically for ME. The activities that were planned on this day were totally perfect because of just one reason. And that is “Planning”. Before this event, few things went a bit up and down because of lack of experience and poor planning. Of course impromptu speaking is one thing that doesn’t need any special arrangements, but events like these need special arrangements. And so, for the first time things went perfectly fine not because I was present at the event – that is comical by the way. But things only went well because no one, say no one deviated from the planned objective. Everyone did what was planned and so saved themselves and me in front of others.