Activism through social media

  • Activism through social media (Article) By:Qammar Ashraf The term “Activism” is considered in the sense of new. It was first used in mid 70s. It belongs to social sciences and many social scientists have defined it in their own way. But all those social scientists are agree at one point which is “Activism means to bring the positive change in a society”. Or this is an action to bring change or t change the history. So if we go into the depth of this definition then we come to know that what we are seeing in this world is not divined, it is made like this. Or in other words we can that the world which we are seeing is not like before and it will not remain same. This is what we call “Activism”. In other words we can say that is the social change theory. The activism is not only stick to social change, but also change is political system, change in law, economical change, environmental change and the change in any industry as well. It means that through activism one can bring change in any field. The change does not means here to change the structure of something but to bring reform. No doubt by bringing reform again and again the structure is changed. Activism is its own self is an “Activism” means a change. Before this tool change was brought by the help of force, violence, bloodshed which resulted anarchy. But after this tool the change is brought very peacefully. So we can say that the way of bringing change is also changed. If we want to know that how the reform is brought and how the change is brought by activism then we have to imprison ourselves in the cage of “Activism”. In the sense of activism the change and reform is brought by making any campaign, by the help of media, judiciary and electronic advocacy. The reform can also be brought by boycotting the thing. Like for instance people boycott to buy the clothes of a brand because that brand is costing more than enough. If people boycott that brand eventually that brand will lessen the price of the object. This is not as simple as it seems to be. Activism is the name of continuous struggle, proper dedication and hard work. If we take it in the context of society reform, or change in social system then activism seems to be very difficult. It takes sometime too many years to bring change and to reform any society. Activism is considered as “bring a positive change” in society, but not always it is used to bring a positive change or reform. As we are living among many human beings and in between them there are positive and negative people are living. So sometime activism is used by those negative people who want to bring or who bring negative change in a specific society. Like for instance, same sex marriage. Many democratic countries allow same sex marriage. This permission is the result of “Activism”. Some activists started a campaign with the name “Gay-Lesbian” campaign. Their agenda was to get the permission for same sex marriage. So for that purpose they started working over this campaign and with proper endless struggle and hard work and eventually they succeeded. Now I would like to give my opinion about “Activism”. In my opinion activism starts from Greeks. As we know that Greeks were present before Muslims. And if throw lights over the myths of Greece then we come to know that, Greece were living in absurdity. They were on thought that life is meaningless, because they thought there is not any authority which can reward them or which can punish them for good and bad deeds. Their society had become pessimistic and they wanted to change their life style or living style. So what they did, they started a campaign for changing their society. They made their own gods and goddesses. The god for good and reward and the god for bad and punishment. Now they have the meaning of life. Now they had the meaning for living. Now they did good deeds only to get the reward from god which is made by them. And they also got punished for their bad deeds. Keep in mind that the good and bad deeds were also selected by the people. So that was the reform in Greece society. And as we know that activism is the name of reform through green revolution. Now come on second the hugest and the most titanic reform of the society. Even this reform is not only of a society but it is of whole humanity. This was the reform of whole humanity from darkness to lightness. This was the reform of Islamism. We all are very much well known about the time period and the life style of people before Islam. And we also know about the change of living style and the change of circumstances after the light of Islam. This is, in my opinion, the best example of reforming, activism. The rights of women were not being given to them even women were burnt alive. The law of might is right was there. Majority was crushing the minority. Conflicts were there even conflicts were occurred at very trivial matter. There was not the importance of humans’ lives. In short here were the rule of jungle in the society even worse than jungle. But then our Holy Prophet SAW came. He brought reform in the society. He SAW brought the concept of green revolution actually. He SAW brought reform in the anarchist society through teaching. He SAW did not do protest against the gentile group. He SAW teaches them with sugar coated words. And what was the result of Prophet SAW’s teaching we all are aware. Those who were preaching many fake gods and spreading anarchy, were labelled Sahaba RA. Any how this was the best example of green revolution of reformation of society, in my opinion. After this, another best example of activism is “Renaissance”. Renaissance is considered as the U-turn of the European society. As Muslims were living in darkness before Islam, same the European were living in darkness before the era of Renaissance came. European were in the state of war with Arabs Muslims and they were losing that war because Arabs were superior to Europeans. When Europeans lost the war and came back to pavilion they thought about the reasons behind their loss. They realized and accepted that they were weaker than Arabs in every aspect. Then they started learning, they started getting education, trade etc. and eventually they made themselves superior to Arabs. They brought themselves to lightness from the darkness of ignorance. From 1500 century to present time the Europeans are superior to Arabs. This was the reform in their society. And this reform is not brought by any bloody revolution. It is brought up by green revolution thorough activism. Another example of activism is Education. Education is the top reformer to build any nation or keep the nation high. Through education a person decides or act accordingly if a person is literate and if a person is illiterate he cannot decide or act like the literate person because education teaches manners, etiquettes, discipline, etc. and an uneducated person does not own any of this. We can observe in our social life that when an educated person takes any decision he does not only think about himself but also focus on the reform of the society but an uneducated person only decides and thinks about his own benefit. To bring reform in our country it is our foremost duty to get education. We have a great example of this when Pakistan came into being people of Pakistan were not as educated as hindus and to bring Pakistan as a top reformer our great leader Quaid e Azam addressed the people of Pakistan and said we have to concentrate on gaining knowledge and education and this is our foremost responsibility. Political awareness is also the era of our education. And we have to keep ourselves aware of international events and environment and the main thing is that education is the matter of life and death of our country. Another example of activism is Law and Judiciary. Law plays an important role in ensuring the safety and rights of citizens in any nation or country because without law no one can get his rights and no one can ensure his safety. To bring reform in the country law and judiciary should be imposed properly and all the matters of life and death should be solved through law and judiciary. If a government is not doing its duty properly then through law and judiciary the authority of that government can be overtaken or fine can be imposed on that government. In Pakistan there is a problem of load shedding, to bring reform we have to solve this problem by law and judiciary by doing protests and strikes this matter cannot be solved. In short I want to conclude with this thought that, there are two sides of everything negative and positive. Bloody revolution is a negative side and green revolution is a positive side to bring reform in the society. Activism is a form of green revolution to bring reform in the society. As we encountered many examples like Greek, Islam, Renaissance etc. These were the reform which were brought by the physical present. But this report is about the reform which were brought by or through social media. Like for instance, same sex marriage, Feminism etc.