Positive side of Media

  • If we see in our surrounding then we manage to know that everything in the world is recognized and known by its binary opposite. No one can percept one thing without having its binary opposite. Like for instance, we recognize Day by having its binary opposite Night, we recognize fragrance by having smell, we recognize good by having evil and same we recognize positive because we have negative. It means that if we have one thing then we have second thing as well. We are too many times encountered with the negative effect of media, we are encountered that media has spread violence, hatred, selfishness and biasness etc. But as I discussed before that, everything in the world has its binary opposite. So if we are lighted by the negative effect of media then we must have its positive effect. The media’s positive effect can be on educational institutions, it can be on organizations, it can be on individual or group of individuals, it can be on teens, elders and families etc. the positive effect can be of my own. So first of all I would like to discuss my personal experience and the medium through which I had been effected.                  As we know that literature is also the part of media and it communicates with an individual in his solitude, very strongly with sublime message. So I was also effected by that sort of sublime message. Once upon a time I was reading an Urdu novel named “Hasil”, written by Umera Ahmed. This novel told me that how we are hasty in nature, how we show hastiness in complaining Allah after praying. In this novel the protagonist praying very enthusiastically to Almighty for something. And that thing was not good for him, but he didn’t know about this. The only thing which he knew, was that thing which he wanted. He prayed, prayed and prayed, but he didn’t achieve that specific thing. Eventually he complained Almighty for not giving him. Even he said he will turned into Christianity. But after some time (9 months) he came to know the fact. He had been known by fate that, the thing which he was demanding very enthusiastically, was fake and not good for him. He realized that he did wrong by complaining Almighty, because Allah knew better either the demanded thing was good or not. After reading this novel I came to know that this is the story of every Individual so is mine. Before reading this I also did so, I also did complain to Almighty, and consequently my faith became weak. But when is read this novel and visualized it and imagined it as mine story I apologies to Almighty. And now whenever I pray for something and I don’t get that thing I don’t complaint Allah and do patient now. So this was the positive effect of one communication tool on me. There are many more examples of my own but this was one of them.        Social media is very much popular nowadays. It includes Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc. Even we can say that it is used more than mainstream media. It is user friendly and everyone can access it very easily. Teenagers to old people, everyone is using it according to their interest. As people are spending time on social media so it is effecting them positively as well as negatively. But our focus will kept on positive effect of social media. Social media is the huge platform which gives the opportunity to the individuals to express their thoughts, share their ideas and communicate with people. It is the platform at which people can interact with the people of other states. It is the way through one relative can communicate with his or her other relative who is living far away from him/her. We can say that social media like Facebook, WhatsApp shorten the distance and connect people living in different geographical areas. People can give the feedback about any news, video, info etc which is being viral on social media like YouTube, twitter. So this is the positivity of social media and this positivity effect very positively upon people. When people of different geographical areas will interact with each other their confidence level will increase, they will learn many things which can never ever be present in their hood. Social media makes the people optimistic and teach them the new skills to tackle the different situation. It lessens the shyness of people that’s why they make videos for YouTube etc. Above is the dominant plus point of social media. Rest of all are almost same like mainstream media, like education, entertainment etc.         Mainstream media is divided into two main form Journal and Non-Journal. Journal includes news content and Non-journal includes entertainment, education and infotainment etc. First of all I would like to discuss the positive effect of news. In contemporary digital and fast running life period, we are encountered approximately 10 to 15 times by news bulletin. And by each and every bulletin we come to know a fresh news, a fresh info. We come to know that what is happening in our own country and what is happening in rest of the world. After learning this we are able to compare our situation with others. We are able to set our own thoughts about right and wrong, we can differentiate the thin line between right and wrong. And on the basis of this differentiation we are able to make a decision. I am talking this in the context of election or voting. Because we are living in so called democratic country so we have to vote to whom, we think he or she is good for our country. So in short we can say that news media helps individual to change his or her thinking about certain things. It helps the individuals to make a good decision for the betterment of the country. In Pakistan the effect of media is same, people knows better that who is on right path and who is on wrong path, but besides this people don’t take right decision (this an exceptional case). Other positive effect of news media is, it literates each and every individuals. Even to those who didn’t go to school in their lives and don’t know how to read and how to write. Media literates all of us about events happening in our own country and in rest of the world. Like news media tells us about cultural events, about the birthday and the death anniversary of a well-known persons. News media give us the information about the works of noble persons like Abdulsttar Eidhi. If someone didn’t go to school and cannot read and write about this legend then through media he or she comes to know about the works of Abdulsattar Eidhi. Let apply all these examples on Amir Khan’s movie “3 Idiots” and “PK”. These movies have drama, comedy, pathos, empathy, sympathy, suspense, sorrow, romance and knowledge side by side. These two movies are the best example of entertainment education I guess. These movies are the reflection and depiction of every individual. These movies are the story of teens, above teens and old people. “3 idiots” gives the way to students that how to do study. It tell students that don’t follow the Rattaism, clear your concept and try make something new. It tells that don’t be blindfold because everyone has hidden ability try to find that. This gives us the lesson that believe in yourself and stick to your goal, be optimistic in achieving goal. It has also comedy which helps us to detach ourselves from sorrow and pathos by laughing. It has also pathetic scenes which bring tear in our eyes and helps us in catharsis. In short this movie has many positive effect over the viewer. It effects education system very positively, it effects human beings condition. Same goes for “PK” movie, it effects very strongly and positively, mentality and false believes which are made by the wrong manager of religion. It opens the minds of the people that follow the right and real religion don’t follow, blindly, the religion made by its false manger. Due to this movie many people come to know the reality that these false manger are just benefitting themselves by spreading wrong teaching of religions. So above were the discussion about the positive effect of media through news and entertainment. That how news and entertainment is effecting the people from different aspects. Let’s talk about literature.      Literature is the first medium among all others. Although it started from Greeks but the properly it started from Renaissance period when printing press was introduced first time. Many well-known writer like Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell etc, wrote many books. There are many more writers are present who did huge work and effected the people life positively and negatively. Here I will talk about the work of Russell, Russell was a skeptical writer and he questioned each and every thing even religion as well. His skepticism effected people’s thinking style. His contribution aware the people that don’t be hasty in making believes, don’t follow anyone blindfoldly. And if you do so you cannot be succeeded because the ruling people will make you their puppets. He prevented the people from being blind. He aware the people that don’t follow these Nuns and Pops because these are nothing but just traders. His famous quote about this is “Christians’ humanity is preached by the clergy, but practiced only by the lower class”. So in short his works effected many people and very positively. Most of the people come to know about the false consciousness made by monarchs as well as the clergies.        After analyzing the different types of media, journal and non-journal, literature and electronic media I come to conclude that it has many positive effects. It effects the living style of the people, it effects the thinking of the people, it educates the people, it strengthens the knowledge of the people and it forces the people to think critically etc.