Media representation of Muslims & islam

  • Media is known as fourth pillar of the state. It plays very important role in constructing any society and reputation of any state too.  It is said by William Shakespeare “Things are not what they seem”. It means that the things which we are seeing in front of us are not cent percent real but constructed. And the base of all this construction is media. Media plays very important role in constructing meaning of the things and mind of human beings.

    As we know that for the construction of meaning of any thing, communication is needed. And the tool which is used for communication is called media. It can be books, it can be newspaper, it can be TV drama, it can be film, it can be sculpture paintings and pictures etc. All these things are medium for propagating any message.

    As we know that there are always be two school of thoughts. One is called positive and other is called negative. And every thing is used either positive or negative. Same is the case with media. It is used positive as well as negative at the same time. It is also used as propaganda tool by some authorities.

    Some big authorities are using media against Islam and Muslims. Although many conspiracies are being carried out at different level against Muslims since long time. But after the incident of 9/11 the world has changes. The Anti Muslim authorities has changed their strategies. Before 9/11 they were doing propaganda against Muslims at low level but after 9/11 they, strongly, are using propaganda against Muslims. In their movies, in their literature, in theirs news even in each and every thing they try to show Muslims as terrorist. They use different medium for their purpose like, as discussed in above paragraph, movies, literature, pictures and sculpture etc. And they are very much succeeded in their mission. Most of the people living in different states consider Muslims as terrorists.

    I will try to throw light over “Media representation” against Islam and Muslims in different medium.

    In many films, either belong to Hollywood or Bollywood or any other film company, Muslims are portrayed as terrorists and Islam is portrayed as the religion of violence. In many films of Hollywood muslims are portrayed as terrorist. They always show terrorist having Islamic dress and beard. They always show that the so called terrorist reciting the verse of Quran Pak. The verses in which Allah Pak gave the order of jihad. They do not show the context of that very verses that in which condition Allah pak gave the order. They only try to show that Muslims Holy book is spreading violence. And after reading their Holy book Muslims commit terrorism. This notion is spread by the movies by Hollywood. Although this notion is created by themselves. The face of Muslims which they show in their film content is made up by themselves. They give them name like Muslims, they disguise them like Muslims even though the person behind the beard is non-Muslim.

    For instance, in movie “Eye in the Sky” they portrayed very negative face of Muslims. In this movie they showed that Muslims are doing planning of terrorist attack in Kenya. They showed that the people, who are doing terrorist attack and spreading terrorism in Kenya, wearing Muslims’ dress and having beard and also they are holding the flag on which The Holy kalma is written.

    This is the excess of negativity and biasness. In this movie Hollywood is representing total negative face of Muslims and Islam. If any one will see this movie he or she comes to conclusion that Muslims are terrorists and the Americans are good who are fighting against terrorism.

    This was the one example from Hollywood there are many more still present. Now if we throw light over Bollywood movies then we come to know that Bollywood is also portraying the negative face of Muslims and Islam. Bollywood has made too many movies against Muslims and Islam and still making. There are many old and new movies which have portrayed Muslims as terrorists and Islam as the religion of violence. Every time when Bollywood makes movie in which it wants to show violence, it shows that Muslims are behind that violence.  Bollywood disguises the terrorists as Muslims and gives them Muslims name.

    For instance, “Sarfarosh” movie, it is totally negatively representing Muslims. The terrorist group in this movie is basically Muslim and belongs to Pakistan. The international media is portraying this and spreading all this nonsense that muslims are terrorists.

    Not even international media, our national media is also doing so unconsciously or consciously. In Pakistani films the terrorists are shown, having beard and big hair etc. No doubt this is all because of international media. The international media has constructed this face of terrorist that every one believes that every terrorist belongs to Islam and having beard etc. Although these terrorists are basically American. They are just disguised as Muslims.

    After films and other entertaining media, the news media also representing Muslims as terrorists and Islam as the religion of violence. In news media we see that all the terrorists who do terrorists attacks are disguised as Muslims. In every terrorist attack, it is shown that the terrorist has beard and he is holding the flag written of Kalma and he is uttering the Islamic slogan. Although the real face behind that Islamic disguise is of an American or Non-Muslim.

    The non-muslim or we can say that the Anti-Islamic authorities always try to impose that Muslims are terrorists and they are destroying peace after getting the teaching of their religion.

    We can see this peace destructing biasness at Indian news media as well. Whenever any terrorist attack happens in India they quickly even so quickly put allegation over Pakistan and Muslims. Every coming day we come to listen that India’s government took action against Muslims (living in India) in case of cow slaughtering. What they are showing by this? They are showing that Islam is the religion of violence and the Muslims are spreading violence by doing cow slaughtering.

    After digital media we can see the false and negative representation of Muslims and Islam in literature as well. Many example are there in which the so called Americans and other Non-Muslim nations are representing Muslims as terrorists. An Indian writer Khuswant singh has portrayed Muslims as terrorist in his book “Train to Pakistan”

    “Reluctant fundamentalist” is another novel which indirectly shows Muslims as terrorists. The very opening lines of that novel show this false consciousness “Excuse me, sir, but may I be of assistance? Ah, I see I have alarmed you. Do not be frightened by my beard: I am a lover of America.”

    The boss of male protagonists Chengez khan frightened by his beard. Now see the notion of Muslims as terrorists has been clearly shown in these lines. A person is frightened by a person having Muslims identity and beard.

    the portrayal of Islam in the British media to be negative, and being related with conservatism, destitution and fear based oppression. This affected understudies who were disheartened and some of the time enraged by what they saw to be a twisted picture of their confidence and culture. saw little exertion with respect to the media to adjust the negative representation of Islam that they help to construct, and called upon media associations to oppose stereotyping and to be more mindful in their revealing. While the reason for such discernments in the substance of some UK media must be recognized, it was uncertain that our members had enough direct involvement of the media on which to base their perspectives. Conceivable purposes behind this oddity have been analyzed.


    Additionally research could conveniently target perpetual occupants of the residential Muslim populace who it very well may be contended are more influenced by media (mis)representations of their confidence than those whose stay is brief. Moreover, be that as it may, and all the more by and large, the effect of media talk on vagrants in progressively mediatised social orders is a conceivably vital research zone, examination of which may light up the intricate elements of modification and of relations amongst transients and beforehand occupant gatherings.

    In short I have to say that the international media is portraying and representing Muslims and Islam very much negatively. The international media always represents Muslims as terrorists not only in news but also by many other mediums like films, literature and pictures etc. I gave one or two examples from literature which show this false notion which is constructed by international media. There are many more examples are present against Muslims and Islam. I past a picture here and you can see the biasness very easily. The person, who is pregnant of ignorance (jahalat), has beard and the person, who is pregnant of knowledge, does not have beard and he looks like Non-Muslim (you can say that). So the representation of media for Muslims is very much negative and biased.