Defence Day Event coverage with Pakistan Railways,ISPR & NLC

  • With the help of my respectable teachers Sir Mateen and Sir Rashid who have chance to visitor railway station in Sadar Rawalpindi which was conducted by the reefer Institute of media Sciences with the collaboration of ISPR and NLC as well on 4th September 2018 we have only one day for the preparation all the responsibility and the coverage of the event and documentation on students so we decided to work on that event the event is basically about the defence day The stranger decorated with the pictures of Martyrs so we students document the event successfully my experience about this event is really good I learn a lot of things that how to cover event this is a first opportunity for me to cover search event I worked on the camera because the responsibility of camera is given to the production team and I am the part of the production team so we all cover the event very successful and I am very thankful to my teachers and especially NLC that they have given the chance to us all the coverage that we cover was played on the print media as well as electronic and digital media so it was a wonderful experience to me.