Cultural values and Pakistani drama content


    As a matter of first importance we should realize that what are social qualities or how social qualities are characterized. Social qualities are characterized as, "social qualities are the ordinarily held gauges of what is worthy or unsuitable, imperative or irrelevant, correct, serviceable or unworkable, and so on., in a network or society". Be that as it may, these qualities are diverse in various social orders. Like for example as Robert Merton an American humanist says that social qualities in America are riches, achievement, influence, and renown.


    Exactly when a social affair of people live separately, they outline certain measures and ways of life in the overall population. By talking with one another they step by step join into one another and thusly shape a particular motivator by which they act in the overall population. With the movement of time they get new thing, infers those rules are variable and can be changed.


    On the off chance that we discuss the Pakistani culture then I need to state that particularly Pakistan does not have its own way of life, but rather the Indian culture. Since as we realize that these two countries were live respectively and with the exception of various in religious qualities they have relatively same social qualities. However, now as it's been 70 years that Pakistan has appeared and builds up its social qualities. As we realize that dressing, sustenance, living style, the idea of good and bad and so forth are the piece of culture so Pakistani country has chosen all these for itself. It has its very own indistinguishable dress, nourishment, living style and so forth.


    I might want to tell here that in Pakistan distinctive countries are living, which are by and large known as Pakistani country, as Pakhtoon, Panjabi, Shindhi, Balochi and some others. And every one of these countries has diverse standards and traditions, however altogether these countries have same social qualities.


    Above dialog was the clarification of what culture is and what the social qualities are? Presently I get to the heart of the matter "Break down the dramatization substance of Pakistan keeping in view the social estimations of Pakistan"


    Analyzing Pakistani Drama and cultural values

    Numerous measures are being on publicized over Pakistani channels. Numerous dramatizations are advancing our social qualities and numerous shows are disregarding the social qualities and some are likewise doing the two things next to each other.


    For example, a few shows are copping the Indian culture. These dramatizations are demonstrating the foulness of Indian culture, allure of Indian culture and so forth as we have the case of "Nagin" show which is being on circulated on Geo Kahani. The allure, the dressing style, the living style which is being appeared in this show isn't the piece of Pakistani culture. I might want to demonstrate a few pictures from that show here.


    Presently observe the charm the dressing style and the demeanor of the characters. These photo are obviously demonstrating this is the infringement Pakistani culture. What's more, the last picture is from Indian dramatization which I appeared here for the examination reason that, perceive how much similitudes is there in both.


    There is another case of Pakistani show which is being on publicized on Geo TV. This dramatization likewise disregarding the social estimations of Pakistan. In that dramatization known as "Khani" a bogus connection of Boy and Girl is indicated which is likely forbidden in our culture.See these photos and settle on a choice that either this kind of scenes and connection is right in our way of life before marriage or not. I think the time has passed when the families sat together and watch the TV. Presently as indicated by me families can't watch Pakistani dramatizations by sitting with each and others. In the event that I quote my very own model here then I might want to state that its been 6 to 7 years that I didn't stare at the TV with my family since what are being appeared in the measures, make me embarrassed.


    With the infringement of Pakistani culture, there are a few measures which are advancing the social estimations of Pakistan. Like for example, "Alif Allah or Insan" and "Khuda aur Muhabbat"


    In "Alif Allah or Insan" the science between Almighty Allah and Human creatures, is flawlessly appeared. Likewise in "Khuda or Muhabbat" the Pakistani and Islamic qualities are perfectly appeared.



    Tragically that brilliant time has passed away when the measures or shows like "Alpha Bravo Charli", Spahi Maqbool Hussain, uid, for stimulation were on broadcast and through which the Pakistani culture was advanced. Families sat in front of the TV together without feeling any disgrace and so on, since its sunrise till mid-1990s. With the arrival of satellite TV and advanced TV in mid 1990s. Furthermore, the style of Pakistani shows has changed.