Eid Festivities

  • Eid ul Azha is here and Muslims all over the world are once again excited for the sacred day. There are few lucky ones that who along with celebrating eid will also be performing hajj. Eid’s preparations start a few days early with the relatives getting together meeting up and buying an animal according to their status. Kids are specially excited for the Eid because of the animals they buy. They roam around showing off their animals and sharing with their friends they got. On the day of Eid. It all starts with the Eid prayers. The special eid namaz that all the Muslims pray before Eid. After that families get together and prayer for their loved ones deceased and alive. Than the moment comes that all have been waiting for. All the butchers arrive and start preparing for the sacred Qurbani. With the Qurbani people start preparing for the tasty foods and snacks. Almost whole day is spend working with butchers for in handling the meat and storing it. Meat is divided into three parts, one for the relatives, one for the poor’s and one part for own consumption. After the separation all the meat is contributed among everyone and amazing dishes are made in every house. The people who didn’t get the chance to do the Qurabni on first day do it on 2nd or 3rd day of Eid along with visiting relatives and bbqs The sad part about Eid is that there is no proper way of disposing off the remaining’s of the animals that lay bare in the streets contributing to air and land pollution. It is getting a bigger problem every year as more and more people are doing the deed of Qurbani.