Remembering Karbala

  • ''Death With Dignity is better than Life of Humiliation''

    Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A)

    Each year within the initial 10 days of Muharram, almost all Muslims round the world commemorate the martyrdoms of Hadhrat Moslem Hussain(ra), his family and companions, and mourn that dreadful event that happened within the fields of Kerbela over a thousand years past. Some fancy the streets and wail to a fault, beating their chests with their hands and alternative weapons. Others participate in processions, specially organized functions and alternative events and gatherings in mosques and halls.

    The best means of remember the martyrs of Kerbela is to send Darud, invoking salutations and blessings upon the Holy Prophet(saw) and his family, and to give birth to pure reformation inside ourselves. Every Muslim feels sorrow and grief relating to the incident of Kerbela. while bound Muslim teams adopt customs that seem quite extreme in our read, that's their own means of recalling the incidents of Muharram. Muslims ought to equally show this forbearance and steadfastness ahead of individuals with Yazid-like natures and be resolute. Hussain(ra) expressed the reality despite facing an enormous army; thus Muslims ought to face the reality while not regard for the implications for his or her own self.