How Meri Guriya Succeeds, But is this project Ethical ?

  • The gut wrenching Series continues its impactful run of the story that is way too normal in the headlines of this country

    The drama that started out very controversial has eased its way into the audiences eyes with its gripping narrative and strong performances. The story revolves around a woman named Shehnaz ( Sania Saeed ) who is very eager to educate her daughters the treatment and education they deserve and fights for them against all odds that stem from her mean spirited mother in law played Brilliantly by Ayesha Khan. She sends two of her daughters to the school and the youngest one goes to a Madrassa.

    There is an another neighboring family in the same street consisting of a sociopath in disguise Dabeer ( Mohsin Abbas ) who is married to a rightly feminist girl who is all about power and independence but Dabeer has his eyes on the youngest one from the family across.

    He is a pedophile and has killed and raped several kids across his city but his quite and innocent personality and behavior makes him the last person to be doubted upon. The drama has a special grip on the topic of how pedophiles, sociopaths and rapists go undetected.

    The Kidnapping of Youngest girl Abida was so heart wrenching that most cable networks blocked the cable during the abduction that was shown so respectfully understanding the sensitivity of the topic in discussion, also most people tuned off to the network during Controversial scene. Most people and critics criticized the scene but also appreciated the makers for the understanding the sensitivity of this particular scene.

    The father of the girl in discussion Abida was always with his mother and was always against girl education and rights but After the tragic death of his girl and immense social media pressure gave him the courage to stand up and fight for his daughter but all the family problems and claims that the fight for one daughter can be harmful for the other daughters and their respect. Also the corrupt politicians are all trying to save the rapist to prove male dominancy in the society and that the justice for the victim can prove against the male society which makes no sense at all. Dabeer is not a master mind murderer, he always goes undetected due to the apathy and bliss ignorance from the police but the saddest part about all of this is the ignorance from the victims family who think that getting justice is shameful for the family and just ignoring the whole phenomenon will save the family’s respect and honor.

    Scientific studies show that the pedophiles are the most manipulative criminals of all, they take in the disguise of a normal, quite and generous guy next door and in that disguise they do their shameful act. The alarming fact about this is that in this social media influenced 21st century pedophiles use online apps to lure kids into their cocoon to abuse them. So many cases have come forward in the light in which the predators used and catfished the innocent children in the apps like Snapchat and Fortnite. This is the reason why parents should educate and monitor their children’s activities in order to protect them from the mean and ruthless predators roaming around them. Teaching children specially girls about these predators and their outcomes is not ruining their innocence but preparing them for the ultimate outcome that can save their life if they were educated enough about this.

    "The child is to a pedophile as the bottle to the alcoholic. This is often being treated for a cure rather than as a chronic disorder that needs a follow-up."
    Fred Berlin

    Dabeer also shows a lot of pedophilic symptoms in the drama serial like hiding dolls in his cupboard, lack of interest in his wife and extra attraction toward children specially Abida. Dabeer also kidnaps his very own sister because she came to know his shameful act early and he kept her abducted to hide his innocence. Dabeer played brilliantly by Mohsin Abbas who claims to have accepted this role just because of his daughter and how he can never imagine something so awfully wrong happening to her, eventually gets caught due to the Mass DNA test in the area by the government authorities but the real justice was never going to be catching the criminal it will always be about hanging such a criminal to death. But Mohala pressure, Family pressure and all the other factors force the family to take Dabeer to the court room where the male dominancy of the Mohala are eager to free Dabeer to save their respect and honor that can apparently be lost because they were Going to loose to a Victim who is a girl. The story has developed this so far but the treatment and performances of the lead cast are getting praises from all over.

    The script of the serial penned by Radain Shah is very compelling and gripping impacting viewers in many ways but the producers could not get away from the saas/bahu stereotypes even in this serial which is a little alarming but also to get the general audience to watch the serial.

    The tragic event that happened in kasur to a little girl opened up a huge national conversation to educate children and their parents to keep away from these pedophiles who hide among us so easily. These predators are mostly the people we trust the most but their disguise is so powerful that it can even blind the smartest ones. The actions have been taken but not powerful enough to eliminate the cause.

    Just like Udaari, Roag and Dar si jaati hai sila this particular serial deserves way more credit for being informative without the extra social drama. This serial specially focuses on the tolerance that is given to the predators like Dabeer which makes them so easily escape to catch a new victim. Most importantly it highlights the little signs that happen around/to Abida that could have saved her life.