• Eid is a special Gift from Allah but this Eid was specially hard for me and all of my family due to my father being passed a few days before the Eid. It was hard for all of the family because my father played such a big role in all the festivities. He was the heart and soul of the family so everybody was extra Sad for the occasion. On the morning of Eid almost all of the family members visited his grave and prayed for him and other deceased ones in the family. His grave was decorated with flowers and other visitors also came to pray. After that all the men from the family went to mosque for special Eid prayer which is necessary on Eid. This Namaz is considered very special and sacred because it is only prayed on the occasion of Eid. At home visitors and relatives from all over the neighbourhood were coming to pay their respect to our family and my Father. After the Eid Prayer Qurbani was done in our garage and meat was separated into specific proportions. All the day went by in a blink of an eye in storing and distributing the meat. It was divided and separated into poor people, relatives and for ones own consumption. The whole family got together with each other after for lunch and dinner. We celebrated Eid in a very simple manner but it was a memorable day to remember the deceased ones and their hardships.