Film industry in present era .

  •  Let us look at the perspective of Films and it's Economic help by being comparative to the biggest Film industry in the world. The film business in the United States has influenced financial aspects for quite a while now, and are an enormous part today. When a motion picture makes it to the theatre or to the rack of the nearby DVD shop, people just observe the enormous name superstars and the celebrated makers and legends, however there is a great deal more to the film business than simply the people who are in the motion picture. It is an industry that makes billions of dollars in occupations and items. The financial factor that the film business plays in a country can't be disregarded. Movies are great part of economic development because of high immersing things, for example, ticket deals, theatre concessions and film stock. In Pakistan films have always been a very controversial subject. From the Golden era of 70’s and 80’s to the Ban in Musharaf's Government and Now in reviving phase, it has always been a hot topic but the effect that movies has on people and economy cannot be overlooked.

    It's assured to state that one of the greatest monetary effects of the Film industry is Box Office Earnings. On an opening end of the week, a great many dollars are made off of only one motion picture alone. Ticket deals normal more than 1 billion dollars in a year. So far in 2011, a normal of the film industry net is $9,408,333,214. That is around 1,181,951,407 motion picture tickets, at around a normal of $7.96 per ticket ("US Movie Market"). Shockingly, ticket deals are for the most part credited towards the film studios, not the theaters. As indicated by CNN Money, amid the film's opening week, the studio may take 70 to 80 percent of gross film industry deals. The level of ticket deals that the studio takes diminishes on every week that a film is in the theater. By the fifth or 6th week, the rate the studio takes will probably be around 35 percent (CNN Money). Regardless of whether the theatre gets most of the deals or not, that is a great deal of cash being made off of motion pictures. It's not simply as of late that ticket deals have been so vital. In the event that you look in the all time highest grosser motion pictures, Star Wars is as yet positioned at number four, and that turned out in 1977 (IMDB). It's insane to think so much cash is made off of ticket deals alone, without considering any of the other stock that accompanies it. In 1998 a movie by the name of Choorian came to the screens in Pakistan, it made almost 20 crore at the Pakistan box-office. 20 cr was the number unheard at the time of its release that it took almost 19 years for this record to broken. It made so much money at the box-office and helped economy so much that it was awarded several National awards and also sparked a remake in India. This kind of money being made by the movie puts lots of confidence in producers in investing more and more money into the Film industry hence resulting more movies and more revenue

    Content is always a king. If a Film industry churns out good movies with restricted budgets than it is always win for the Parties involved, but content was the main reason Pakistani Film industry went down the hill because nobody was interested in watching woman dancing by the trees, but content is also the major factor in bringing Pakistani cinema back on the map with quality films like Bol, Khudakayliye, Moor, Manto etc. But one has to consider the audience and their expectations because most art movies don’t make much money due to their Niche content and most flashy and trashy big movies also don’t make much money due to overdose of money with no content so in order to get the industry out of the Dark there should be all kind of local movies on local screens. Commercial films to make the most of the money to help the producers and economy and art films to get films reorganisation on the international festivals and Shows.

    While most would believe that film theatres profit off of ticket deals, the way they profit is in reality through snack bars. Like already said, ticket deals are for the most part credited to the studios and not the theatres. That is the reason the additional items, particularly the snack bar, are so vital. Without the majority of the expensive bites, most theatres  wouldn't remain in business. By offering all the popcorn, pop, and confection, 85% of a theatre’s benefit is based off of concession stands. So on the off chance that you ever wind up asking why you're paying $5 for a $0.15 pack of popcorn, this is on account of snack bars are extremely the main way theatres are getting benefit.Theatres also have major Job opportunities in return helping the economic growth of the Country. More theatres means more screens to put movies on, and more screens usually means more return profit for quality movies For example even a good movie will automatically make less money if it is put on only 100 screens and a trashy movie will make more money if it is put on 1000 screens. So more theatres will automatically create more jobs and bring more revenue and give producer confidence on making more movies which will automatically stabilise the industry that is.

    The main reason for downfall for any industry is basically bad content, when industry comes under the influence of uneducated and money loving people, money becomes the priority over good content and people don’t usually just pay for the bad content. So in order to pave way for new young and educated film makers film schools and University offer a great deal. Pakistani cinema also faced the same downfall in early 2000’s when there was no great content for the people and cinema suddenly vanished from existence. But later a flock of good filmmakers tried to undo the mistakes resulting in the reprise of Pakistani Film industry. Film schools not only help the industry but Good film schools also help the economy by having international students and producing art films for the film festivals. Today Pakistani film industry is on the verge of getting a Makeover with Good content and more screens added every year and most films getting international acclaim and all of this is evident in the box office earnings as A recent film earned around 35 crores at the Pakistani Box office breaking every possible record but that record is also on the verge of being demolished as a great line up of movies is planned for release this year.