An Ordinary Eid

  • Eid ul fitar is known as a gift from Allah to the people who practice fast, on the contrary Eid ul Azha is all about the hajj and to honour the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. Muslims all over the world celebrate this sacred day on 12 or 13 of Zil-haj. This Eid for everyone is all about the Qurbani and sacrifice. It all starts with the men going to mosque for Eid prayer which is a special prayer Muslims perform on Eid morning. After the prayers everybody greets each other with Eid Mubarek in the mosque and in houses. Special Eid prayer is done after the Namaz in every house. Children are very happy and excited for the animal they got and take them roaming around the streets showing their animal to their friends. Butchers get ready to sacrifice the animals brought to them. There are animals every where in every street. People prepare to cook amazing dishes in their houses while the butcher prepares to sacrifice the animals. Animals are sacrificed in the name of Allah in almost every street. Almost all day is spent in handling the meat. Meat is distributed among three categories of poor, relatives and for ones own consumption. Beggars and needy crowd the streets looking for meat. After all the meat is separated and contributed families and friends get together to relish the amazing food and dishes. On 2nd and 3rd day of Eid remaining people do their sacrifice and more get together and bbqs happen. Almost everyone celebrates the Eid with full zest and energy.