“NOT in the PINK of LIFE”

  • Drug abuse is flourishing widespread across the country’s major cities. Drug abuse is an issue that numerous nations are confronting all around the world. Be that as it may, the utilization of such drugs by the young of a nation is alarmingly unsafe and has adverse effects on the community as a whole. By failing to prevent the use of drugs among the youth of the country, the future of the nation as a whole is being put under jeopardy in Pakistan. On the scale of 100, 53% of the students based in top of the line private schools are hooked up on different types of drugs in Islamabad. Since these non-public schools request enormous entire ties as expenses, a large portion of the students have a place with rich foundations and moderateness is not an issue. Correspondingly, a current review which included 10 schools and 2 colleges from Lahore uncovered that 57 percent of understudies announced the utilization of no less than one drug. According to statistics around 4.5% of the population of Pakistan is addicted to drugs. Which adds up to a total of nine million people out of which 700 people die every other day because of an overdose or a severe reaction, making death related to drugs more serious then caused by terrorism. It is a bitter fact that more than three million Pakistanis between the ages of 15 and 64 use heroin regularly and there are almost five million cannabis users addicted to smoking high-grade hashish called ‘chars’. Globally, 1 in 20 adults, or 250 million people between the ages of 15 and 64 years are drug addicts. Due to the cheap availability of drugs, the abuse of cannabis and heroine are quite high. A large number of heroin-addicts can be seen in bazaars, graveyards and public parks and even after being in the knowledge of the government little can be done since the mafia is so strong that no one can stop the sale and purchase. Numerous reasons come forth for this widespread social evil. One of the most common and horrible is unemployment. Some combinations of street life and drug use trajectories seem to contribute to injection among street youth. Lack of employment throws the young generation into void. A young mind is too tender to bear any act of injustice. They get frustrated by seeing the open violation of justice. This kind of disappointment is very dangerous, most of the time it throws the young on the verge of suicide. Disillusion can cause people to do anything some of them turns towards unlawful activities and becomes dacoits or terrorists, or most commonly become drug addicts. Moreover, other common reasons why a young person gets addicted to these harmful drugs, in the middle and upper class include; Curiosity, urge for pleasure, social excommunication, mental health, lack of self-reliance. Lack of self-confidence, that is inferiority complex, has been marked as a major cause of one’s becoming a drug addict. Excessive stress as well as lack of parental involvement in child’s activities is among the leading causes for drug addiction among youths and teens. Research also shows the fact that increasing majority of children reported using drugs because they enjoyed them or are bored and want to keep themselves busy in some other alternative activities. Thus, institutes also need to educate the students on the adverse effects of these drugs for them, their future and their families. The government needs to make an example of the criminals who are involved with drug distribution and playing with the future of Pakistan.