Mera Naqas Ilm

  • MERA NAQAAS ILM In Islamic history 9th and 10th Muharam Ul Haram are considered as sacred mourn days which remind us the great sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) and his family. Imam Hussain the grand son of our Holy Prophet S.A.W. was a hero who stood against the dictatorship of a tyrant ruler Yazeed bin Hazrat Mouavia. In fact it was a war of principles and upholding of true Islamic values which Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A fought with great valour and courage. If we go through the history it reveals that after the death of his father Hazrat Muavia,Yazeed took over the Islamic state . As he was deviant of true path of Islamic teachings and values, there was lot of resentment against his rule. The majority of Muslim citizens raised their voices against his tyrant and immoral governance which made him perturbed. In order to legitimise his illegal and immoral government he persuaded the Imam Hussain to support and endorse his rule. Imam was not an ordinary person he was son of a great caliph and Muslim leader Hazarat Ali R.A and grandson of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W Peace Be Upon Him, how could he accept and endorse this Yazeedi rule in an Islamic State. He flatly refused rather challenged his immoral authority. This situation made Yazeed and his cronies furious. They all gathered against Imam Hussain R.A and his family. By using all deceptive and mischievous authority they surrounded Imam Hussain R.A and his 72 family members and followers at Karbla in Iraq they brutally killed all male members of Imam family excluding his ailing son Imam Zain ul Aabideen. This was the most tragic event of the Islamic history in which a great scholar and brave Muslim leader of Islam was martyred by thousands of armed soldier of Yazeed who claimed to be a follower of same religion and Prophet. Imam and his 72 COMRADES laid their lives in this noble war for perseverance of Islam and it's high values. It resulted a great and everlasting victory of Islam and Imam Hussain R.A. After 1400 years Name of Imam and his great sacrifice is still alive in integral part of Muslims all over the world. It's a great lesson for the whole humanity to stand for truth and right cause no matter forces of tyranny and oppression are considered powerful. Through his great character Imam gave a lesson to all of us to be on the right path and stand with the right cause of Islam and truth.