The role of Radio in a society

  • The consistent change in the technology and advances made have given everyone many ways to access an increasing amount of information. All kind of news can be read in newspapers, listened on the radio, watched on T.V, and can be found on cell phone or online e news. Communities who have access to these mediums can find any type of information according to their requirement because it is always readily available. In countries where freedom of expression is curb or suppressed, the access to technology is very expensive or illiteracy rates are high. Even though, radio continues to play a major role in information sharing. Starting off with the definition of radio which is the activity or industry of broadcasting sound programs to the public. The radio plays a very vital role in any community you can see around yourself and it has been like this over the years. It is the most significant source of Mass Communication. In fact, radio is a cheap source of communication. The social development of any society is usually done by radio. There are other important aspects of Radio such as that radio projects education which is the most important part for development in a society. None of the society can develop unless it has majority of educated people and that the literacy rate is high. Education enables people to be civilized. Radio has always encouraged and promoted keenness to get education among community. It has given equal importance of education for all genders. Education programmes held on radio have made it possible to develop devotion among villagers to be educated. Not only this but more opinions of experts in different fields of social life are taught to people. No other source would have been proved handier than radio programs to educate mothers on providing primary health points for babies and school going children. Moreover, radio is projected democratic way of governance in countries. People are given awareness through programmes that democratic way is the only solution to problems. It is also projected that it is a better system among other governance systems. It also informs about welfare plans of government, so government becomes stronger and can complete its projects. the people gets satisfaction because of this. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere of peace, comfort and tranquility by gaining attention of people. As they listen to plays, music and other entertainment programmes of radio. By doing so, radio has replaced worries and tensions of people to light and refreshing mood. The radio also creates awareness among people who do harmful rituals. Rituals of a society have become the part of human nature, it can create hurdles and make people racist or not accepting other minorities groups. Thus, radio has made people repugnant for these effected rituals. Radio can be worked to spread the religious principles. Radio has splendid need to provide equal opportunities without discrimination of religious beliefs. It is the way to success and progress of society. Radio has motivated people that they should be an element of struggle present in them for betterment in life and improvised living standard. People have realized fat poverty should be their fate and that if they work hard they can also enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life. Radio also creates employment in the country, if more no of programmes are carried out then revenue is also being generated for the economy which benefits everyone. Radio has done the projection of moral values by doing promgrammes on ethical norms and values. A bigger picture of creation was to build a modem society but it is a matter of fact that nobody has made serious attempt for it. Negative trends and social evils are destroying the peace and satisfaction of society. Due to this, thinking ability of people is to be suppressed. A big con of such situation is that construction is replaced by destruction. Radio has tried to eliminate such wild thoughts and filth from, the society. At last, the radio is an influential medium of information and captures a wide range of population. It’s the best way of easy communication as radio channels varies from region to region, hence you can listen radio in your regional language.