In Edhi’s footsteps

  • “People have become educated, But have yet to become human.” A moment for our country’s legend Abdul Sattar Edhi ISLAMABAD - Children of Pakistan sweet homes performed on an event to pay tribute to the beloved national hero Abdul Sattar Edhi, superficies his life as a source of guidance for the upcoming generations. This event was arranged by Pakistan Sweet Homes as a tribute to the life time achievements of Abdul Sattar Edhi and his services for the humanity. “I have always admire Edhi Sahab and the work that he has done throughout his life to show that what the real meaning of life is by serving the humanity in its true spirit”, stated by Patron in Chief, PSH, Zamurd Khan also an Advocate, Ex- Member of National Assembly of Pakistan (Ex-MNA), also a great activist, renowned reformist and Ex Managing Director Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal. He also stated that the youth should admire and follow the path leaded by Abdul Sattar Edhi and fullfil the same meaning of life that has been given by him in true spirit. He shared a lot of memories that he made with Edhi. He told about this project as Pakistan Sweet home by stating that, “a project which took off from donations for an orphan child has now been flourished into a full fledge phenomenon of Pakistan Sweet Homes.” He told the audience that “under PSH project, in a short period (2009 to till) we adopted (on Age of 4 to 6 year) orphan children’s hailing from all over the country. They are provided with free food, shelter, boarding facility and quality education in the renowned educational intuitions of the area. So far, over 30 PSH have been established all over Pakistan in which almost more than 3200 little angels (3100 boys, 100 girls) are spending life of hope, felicitation and respect.” He added “our mission and vision is to reach each and every poor orphan, we are by establishing rebuild and renovating “Pakistan Sweet Homes” giving a safe place to stay.” The funds for these centers are generated from donations from well-off people, Khan said. Abdul Sattar Edhi junior and Saad, grandsons of the great social activist, ‘most respected’ legendary figure, Abdul Sattar Edhi junior shared a few words saying that, “I feel that Pakistan Sweet Homes is part of Edhi centers”. They also appreciated the services carried out by PSH to support the millions of orphans being exploited by terrorist groups. Later, everyone recited Fatiyah for the departed soul. Edhi resolved to dedicate his life to aiding the poor, and over the next sixty years, he single handedly changed the face of welfare in Pakistan. He is titled as the “Angel of mercy” in views of many. Then a group of kids were interviewed individually. A girl from PSH was asked about the environment in here, she stated, “we cannot have a place like this anywhere in the world, we belong here and this is our home”. Another girl was asked if she would want to go back to her house? She answered, saying that we cannot get such facilities there but we love all that we have gotten from PSH. Kids from age of 6 to 12 were so passionate about their future achievements and goals. They were confident which showed that they are having the best of all in PSH. A little adorable girl named Mariam stated that, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Most of the kids said that they either want to join army or be a doctor. The kids were asked if they miss their parents and do they feel unhappy in PSH, so most of the kids had a positive answer. Moreover, kids are given a very nice and comfortable environment which keeps them motivated and healthy. They have all kinds of facilities for kids such as sports, health and education etc up to the mark. After meeting khan and his children we hope to see the kids have a bright future and in the light of all that we know, it can be said with a surety that these little angels are in the right hands.