Food for thoughts

  • As a young Pakistani national this thought keeps coming to my mind that who should I have pride among our national heroes. China had Moeze Tung, Nelson Mandela, Iran had Imam khurwini, they brought a positive change and awareness among people in their respective conutries. Here in our country you name a leader and the first thing you get to hear is, “oh he? He was corrupt”. Right from the beginning until now I have been hearing this, as it has become a slogan for all the Pakistani politicians. If once a leader goes through his trail and is executed for punishment, I want to know why the trial goes on repeatedly. This shows we have flaws in our very own judiciary system. It seems like after Quaid e Azam no one can be called as a true “leader” or that we cannot find a hero to look up to. Let us view back and see what happened in 2000s when Gen Musharraf took over the state by whatsoever means, he stressed and put P.M Nawaz Sharif on trial. Nawaz Sharif stayed in exile for 10 years because of the same allegation that would put forward by Imran Khan PTI’s chairman. This means we haven’t really gotten over our past and we assume that we will have a bright future. If we legitimize Imran Khan’s illegitimate daughter by saying it’s his personal business than why couldn’t we allow Maryam Nawaz to choose her spouse. What was the need to direct Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan for an apology to the people by a army militant on a national T.V. I hope you people know what he has done for us and why army brags so much today. What did we do in return to his family and he went through so much was it fair I may ask you sleeping beauties? India made their nuclear scientist the President, why do we have to prove our national heroes corrupt in the eyes of nation through propaganda. Why it’s so needed one may ask? Most powerful institution is army they are our pride but the most heinous crimes were done in their era like Afghan War in Gen Zia Ul Haq, because as an after effect we are still bearing heavy losses. Then let’s take a look at Gen Musharraf’s regime we lost our money and precious time over the same thing, until now we are dealing with it. One may ask what have we earned by this, abasement or degradation nothing else. Or the label as “double gamer” that we have gotten from the west. Whosoever, chose to do all that and if it was a wrong decision someone took, they shouldn’t be held liable for this? Lately, I have been seeing people departing from this country to save their ‘izzat’, taking refuge in developed countries. I couldn’t find more appropriate word in English for “izzat” because that’s how we explain the intensity of something. I am so confused, I am the voice of youth, I am the future of this nation and I feel insecure at times because of the current scenario which has been like this for a while now. My mother once said to me that, ‘son you will feel more insecure the day you become a father’. Therefore I want to work really hard to make my country a more better and secure place for not only my children but also for yours. I want to live in this country with the same pride which I had when I was unaware of these hard realities which are slamming at my face today. Honor and pride are basic necessities that everyone lives up to regardless of their races, culture and upbringing, I think these necessities are much more important than money and other luxuries which are secondary. I want our generation to have pride on our national heroes. I want this generation and our future generation to know the story of our side which is different from how the world has made it up. I want them to know how Pakistan came into being and how we became from a small part of this world into something big by becoming a nuclear power. I want them to know about our great and so daring leaders such as Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, how forthright and direct he was to the UN assembly. That how he organized OIC, Pakistan and that he laid the foundation of nuclear project. Moreover, that he convinced and brought back home another hero of this country Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan our atomic scientist. Also, how our former PM Nawaz Sharif took a bold decision of allowing the nuclear test and conveyed a message to the world specially India that we are also a nuclear power. It was more like a wakeup call or a nightmare for our rivals. The impact was ever lasting because it was the time where we had the mask on which said ‘enough is enough’ for those who were bullying us back then. But again for how long we will play this blame games theory of our short comings on others. We are not even ready to accept the fact that west has been playing a major role in breaking us down. We reject all the facts and make them conspiracy theory and never say anything. We just sit back like puppets or people who are possessed or hypnotized and just watch. Things are revealed before time by the west and we still don’t believe it because we like to make fools out of ourselves. This attitude clearly shows that we have not learnt our lesson from the history, from our past the time of Indo Pak and how we Muslims ruled and then had a downfall back then. Now in order to conclude my scattered thoughts I would say we all should stop blaming each other and start working towards a more better and positive Pakistan as a whole. STOP being cynical, distrustful, skeptical negativist and suspicious.