In the name of religion

  • We say we're muslims but sorry to say other than praying we do nothing to be called as muslims. If ALLAH only needed our prayers he would have never created us. And these stupid goons think ALLAH needs their help to protect his own beloved Prophet (pbuh). For whom he send Gibrail(as) to destroy a nation and our prophet (pbuh) said No. And prayed for their guidance. That was our prophet (pbuh). Who went to check on the woman who use to throw garbage on him. If she is doing ok. Why didn't she do that today. That's how he(saw) was spreading islam. By love. And these stupid assholes are spreading hate on the name of such greatness. I feel sorry for us. Tbh I'm wishing for ALLAH's wrath on them when they've done nothing to me. Just imagine how great our prophet (saw) was that people for throwing stones at him. Calling him names. Saying stupid stuff. And all he did for them in reply was ask for forgiveness and righteous. If this is what being a good muslim means sorry to say I dont consider myself as a good/better Muslim. Kon hain ye jo Aashiq bane phirte hain. Is lafz ko bhi badaam kiya kerte hain. Awaam ko preshaan kerne nikalte hain. Phelane nafrat ka saman liye phirte hain. Ye sarkain rokte hain ye container laga dete hain. Kis k liye Jo rah k pathar ko hatane ki talkeen kiye kerte the. Ye nafrat ka beech bone niklete hain Un(saw) k liye jo mohabbat pe yaqeen rakha kerte the. Ye kis ko emaan dikhane nikalte hain. Unko jo dil k ander jhank liya kerte hain. Khud ko bare khadme Mustafa(saw) kehte hain Badnaam khud hain naam islam ka kharab kerte hain. Mae nahi manta k ye musalman bhi hain Musalman bhi kabhi musalman ko jalaya kerte hain Dil udas hota hai is qoam ki halat dekh ker Jo is mahool ko bhi mazaak samjh lete hain. Kisi k bharkawe mae ajata hain. Aur khud ko hi nuksaan pohncha dete hain. Ye kon log hain jo ghumra khud hain. ilzam dosron pe laga dete hain. Is dharti ko pamaal kerte hain. aur khud ko pak saaf samjh lete hain Ye wo log hain jo munafiq kehlai jate hain. Islam k naam pe fasaad kiya kerte hain Ye kya kisi ko rah dikha sakte hain. Ache khase musalman ko kafir bana lete hain Lets track back to this story of Asia Bibi. Asia bibi who is a Christian follows the roman church and is around 50 years old now was working with her co workers in a farm. She had dispute with an other women and an argument began after the other women objected to a non-Muslim touching the bowl in which she fetched water. She was subsequently accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad(SAW), a charge she denies. She arrested and imprisoned right away after that. However, this is one side of the story because other Muslim worker insulting the appellant’s religion was no less blasphemous. Secondly when asked for witnesses and proofs no one really showed up who had been accusing her for blasphemy. She was beaten up later and forcefully made to confess that she commit blasphemy while gathered in jirga where majority of the people were jahil villagers. Now, since the supreme court senior judges have given a final verdict how these people who have gathered could make them go back on the decision. Lets suppose if this case is wrongly decided then we all should leave it to Allah's discretion because if there's no law or justice here there is law and justice in the court of Allah SWT and no one can't get away or escape from it. We are no one to prematurely judge people around us just by watching TV shows and facebook posts. We need to wake up! These people don’t realize by gathering and protesting the only thing that’s effected is our own country and its people nothing else. I don't know when is this topi drama going to come to an end because every years at this time things like that happen and people don’t realise all of this is done for a purpose. People who sit and protest come for money and go back when their pockets are filled back with money.