Mass communication and public understanding of environmental pr

  • Mass communication and public understanding of environmental problems: the case of Pakistan



    Most debatable topics among the public in Pakistan are just which are being shown in the mainstream of media channels. A lot of main issues being discussed on social media mostly borrowed from the print media. Media made people what to think or what to think about. A number of researches conducted and concluded with the results that the public gives attention to those topics which are recently included in the headlines. The second important thing about the society of Pakistan, most of the peoples are totally unaware of their real issues. They don’t know about the issues of state and what problems are related to them. For example, corruption and security are state-related issues and states suppose to resolve it, but these are the most talkative issues among the people. The public should know about their real issue, education, health, food, jobs etc. These issues are the real challenges for the government of Pakistan but due to lack of public pressure, authorities are less concerned about them. The environmental issue is a nontraditional threat to Pakistan. There is no proof that the public is aware of it or they should have an understanding about it.  In both situations, communication can play a vital role.  Mass communication is the only tool to make the public sure that the environmental problem is a real threat to our lives. After the public awareness and understanding state can take appropriate policies towards the environmental causes. In the case of Pakistan, it is very necessary to make the public understand the harms of the environmental problem and climate change. It should be not like breaking news for the media to gain some public popularity and then searching for the next.  Media needs to put this issue on priority and continually create awareness among the people.  I am going to write a thesis on this topic. Kindly give me your suggestions and corrections.


    Muhammad Rashid

    Student MS Media Studies Riphah University Al Meezan Campus Rawalpindi