Civil Miltary Relationship

  • Civil military relationship for the last two decades have been a matter of concern for Pakistan. and I think that is because of the lack of communication gap between the stations. so I think that is major reason military relations have not been up to the mark. Having said that civil military relationships have been good in times and one civil military relationship have been good Pakistan achieve great successes whenever civil military relationship good that is very much a positive sign for the country to move forward. Because there are in that communication gap is field and institution co-operate with each other. And ask for assistance required from each other like they sharing information relating foreign policy in internal police. And so the major issue is that we all need to sit together Civil military cooperation need to sit together to solve the issues. 

    Civil military relationships must be good and mast and the feeling of trust between each other and I think the civil-military livery relationship well be improved by feeling that communication gap sexiest institutions stations must trust Each Other because both for civil and military leadership aim is to make Pakistan Phosphorus. and do anything that is better for Pakistan. so their ultimate objective is to do that Pakistan. so why were not sat together and all these of issues and talk to about the issues that data of a major concern in Pakistan. I must be resolved so in the end outside civil military relationships must be resolved this is how we can make Pakistan good again.