Significance of Muharram mul Haram

  • The long stretch of Muharram has additionally centrality in light of the fact that on tenth day of Muharram Hazrat Imam Hussein ibn Ali (RA) who is the child of Ali (RA) and Fatima (RA) and grandson of our dearest Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with 72 of his supporters martyred in the skirmish of Karbala by the powers of Yazid who is the Umayyad caliph of that time. Muslims recollect Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) and his adherents in this blessed month of Muharram. Hazrat Musa (AS) and his devotees additionally accomplished triumph over Egyptian pharaoh and his fighters who suffocated in the Red Sea on tenth of Muharram and Musa (AS) fasted on this day. 
    In this sacred month, Hazrat Adam and Bibi Hawa were made. The period of Muharram has incredible centrality in Islam as this heavenly month is brimming with ideals and gifts and ought to be commended by the soul of this current month. May Almighty Allah favor our adored Prophet (SAW) and His family and give us the quality to take after the Sunnah of Muhammad (SAW)!