Ideology of Pakistan

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    Prior to clarifying belief system of Pakistan and its components, we should realize that what philosophy really is? Philosophy is basically characterized as, a complete arrangement of trusts, cognizant and oblivious thoughts which an individual or gathering of individual, state or country has. It tends to be political and it very well may be the belief system of life. There are two different ways by which a belief system is forced one is RSA (Repressive state Apparatus) and second one is ISA (Ideological state Apparatus). At the end of the day we can state that RSA is hard and strong compose and ISA is delicate compose. In any case this is another talk. Our attention is on Ideology of Pakistan.


    Pakistan is an ideological state and the belief system of Pakistan is an Islamic philosophy. Pakistan depends fundamentally on the belief system of Islam. In any case, there are numerous components in it which demonstrates that the religion just was the route through which Pakistan appeared. Underneath the components which are incorporated into the philosophy of Pakistan.




    This is considered as the simple basic component of philosophy of Pakistan. In subcontinent, as we realize that, two distinct countries were living one was Muslim which was in minorities and other was Hindu which was in greater part. The religion of the two countries was extraordinary. Indeed, even every last religious custom was diverse to one another. Furthermore, these both country couldn't get by with one another. The traditions and custom which were great and right in Islam that were viewed as wrong and forbidden in Hinduism. For example, on the off chance that we discuss the butchering of bovine. At that point we come to realize that in Islam it doesn't make a difference yet in Hinduism it is unthinkable, on the grounds that the dairy animals is some sort of god. So if these the two countries were living respectively then thus the contention was occur between them. In short these two countries couldn't live respectively so the Muslims did dissent and requested for the new and separate land for them.




    The second component of belief system of Pakistan was culture. The way of life of Muslims, living in subcontinent was same. In spite of the fact that the Muslims are likewise have sub societies like Punjabi, Sindhi. Balochi and Pakhtun and so forth. Be that as it may, the principle culture of Muslims is same. They have comparable custom, they have same standards and traditions and so on. What's more, the Hindus who were living in subcontinent, they were distinctive to Muslims and like one another. They likewise have sub societies, yet the fundamental culture depends on Hinduism and it is same for each Hindu. So the way of life was the other component which compel Muslims to request isolate arrive for them. It constrained Muslims to consider it that they have diverse culture and they can't live respectively.


    Two Nation Concept


    The two country idea is only founded on religious contrasts. The major idea of Ideology was that Muslims ought to get a different character. They ought to have a different state where they could live as per Islamic guidelines and standards maintain their religion uninhibitedly and defend Islamic convention. On one event Quid-e-Azam stated: "The Muslims request Pakistan where they can lead as per their very own arrangement of life, their social advancement, their customs and Islamic laws."


    In this way this principal idea of Ideology prompted the idea of two countries in the Sub Continent and brought about the development of Pakistan.  

    This is another component of belief system of Pakistan. Economy is the basic need of any country. Indeed, even Karl Marx says that the base of each belief system and each thought is economy. It implies that if an individual or gathering of people build up a thought or set of thoughts, the base is to have economy. Same was the situation with Muslims of subcontinent, they had come to realize that they were in minorities and they had not given financial power and they had not given the employments in government organizations. So they felt that they were losing economy. So they protested against Hindus of subcontinent and requested separate country for them where they have the intensity of economy.




    The other component of philosophy of Pakistan is Historical foundation. The Muslims and Hindus are threatening adversary of one another. They are having struggle in the middle of them from the simple first day. What's more, they will be foe of one another till fate day. As it is expressed in Holy Quran (Allah pak pardon me for any error) that Hindus can't be the companion of Muslims. So their contention has recorded foundation and because of this the Muslims of subcontinent had come to realize that the Hindus can't be their companion and they will hurt them in future and at all over the place. So this viewpoint likewise helped Muslims for to make isolate arrive for them, and it encourages them in the belief system for their different land.


    There are some different components which brought about belief system of Pakistan. They are given underneath in projectiles.


    • Hindu sold out Muslims


    • Refusal of Muslims personality


    • Anti-Muslim battle


    • In acknowledgment of British Rules




    The crucial idea of belief system of Pakistan is that Muslims are a different country having their own way of life, writing, religion and lifestyle. They can't be converged in some other country. They ought to have the capacity to build up their way of life and religious customs in an Islamic state.


    In this manner the belief system of Pakistan which created through the time of Mohammad Bin Qasim and others and taken after by political pioneers like Quid-e-Azam was appeared in 1947.