Defense Day (Major Raja Abdul Aziz Bhatti Shaheed)

  •                                                  MAJOR RAJA ABDUL AZIZ BHATTI (SHAHEED)


       Major Raja Abdul Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed) was born in Honk Kong in 1928. He was commissioned in Pakistan Army as officer in 1950 and during his training at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul he was awarded Sword of Honor and a gold medal. Discussion of 1965 war is incomplete without Major Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed) as he played exceptional role during 1965 war and was awarded Nishan-I-Haider.

       Since he was company commander he defended BRB canal in Lahore’s Burki sector very bravely and courageously during the 1965 war. When the enemy was waging war by using their air defence, artillery and amour he with his troops fought for five days and killed many enemies for Pakistan.

       To keep a watch on enemy, he set up a post on a higher ground near enemy’s territory. He embraced martyrdom on 12 September,1965 after being hit by a tank shell.


    Submitted by: Syed Shah Rukh Ali

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