•                                                              INDIA'S CONCERN'S OVER CPEC
    China–Pakistan Economic Corridor often referred to by the initialism CPEC. Before, I make my point, some background and factual information needs to be spelled out followed by my thoughts in this essay. I hope that I will be fair in this analysis.
    CPEC is a collection of projects currently under construction which is intended to rapidly expand and upgrade Pakistani infrastructure, as well as deepen and broaden political,development and economic links between Pakistan and the People's Republic of China.
    CPEC is offering vistas of golden opportunities for Pakistan and will eradicate poverty,unemployment and help Pakistan in becoming next Asian Tiger.Investments by China will boost Pakistan's $274 billion GDP by over 15 %. It's a win-win situation for both
    Modi is at the horns of predicament ; whether to bow RSS (Rashtriya SwayamSewak Sangh) agenda of Hindutva and remain captive to entrenched interest groups and lobbies in India with hardened mindset who are resisting any paradigm shift in relations with rising China and cling to the myths of Mahabharat. The dice of connectivity loaded by China has left India confused and numb, whether to remain tied to the aprons of declining super powers which is not in a position to make big investments, or to hitch bandwagon of ascending power which promises a lot.
    India is also concerned about China's huge investment in Pakistan,particularly it's recent decision to fund a new batch of nuclear reactors. Pakistan plans to add four new nuclear plant by 2023,funded by China, with four more reactors in the pipeline. China is also helping Pakistan producing plutonium at Chinese built Khushab reactor and will also sell 8 submarines worth $5 billion, Which will give a quantum jump to Pakistan Navy's sea capability.
    Possibility of India making another somersault after finding the dicey US Asia-Pacific pivot less attractive and China's policy of peace and friendship more beneficial cannot be ruled out. However, this strategic shift will take place only when China agrees to give preference to India over Pakistan (as had happened in 1990 when the US ditched Pakistan and befriended India)