•                                                           PoPA (Protection of Pakistan Act)

    Protection of Pakistan Act often referred to by the initialism PoPA. Before, I make my point, some background and factual information needs to be spelled out by my thoughts in this essay. I hope that I will be fair enough in this analysis.
    Protection of Pakistan Act was enacted on July 9,2014 and was to be operational for two years for people suspected of waging war against Pakistan this Act extends to the whole country.
    This Act gave extensive powers to armed force and civil armed forcing including several intelligence agencies.
    I'll mention a few powers or authorities which were misused by them arrest,without warrant and enter and search,without warrant any premises to make any arrest.Innocent people living in slums of Islamabad were affected by this tyrannical law.
    The decision to extend PoPA is problematic, not only PoPA is an oppressive law, it has also proven largely ineffective in the two years of it's operation and it should not be extended without permission of judicial warrants for search and arrest operations to prevent innocent and poor people getting harassed.