The advent of media revolutionized the means of communication. What started out small, in the form of books, newspapers, radio e.t.c (old media or better known as legacy media) ended up taking over the entire world. Accessing information, once deemed hard, now lies a mere click away all thanks to the advent of modern media. 



                                                                       The purpose of media changed or has grown as it evolved over the last century or so. Media can roughly be divided in two generations:

    • The first being the old media featuring the likes of newspapers, radio, the television etc.
    • The second generation being the new media in addition to TV, newspapers and radio e.t.c also features the internet.


                                The old media, owed to its obvious limitations, didn’t allow interactions between the reader/listener/viewer and the content provider, encouraging a passive relationship.


       The most prominent feature of this generation is the Internet. With the introduction of internet, the trend started shifting towards digital media. This particular form of media encouraged interaction and active participation of the viewer.

       Initially, more focused on being a general source of information, the old media, in the form of Newspaper (Print Media), was more into keeping the public updated about the political highs and lows of the country.

       With the introduction of Radio (Broadcast Media), the Television (Electronic Media), and then the internet (Digital Media), media no longer served just the purpose of information. It was now regarded as an active source of entertainment by broadcasting/airing of viewer friendly programs such as dramas, motion pictures and music. In addition to that it also provided a platform to local, national and multinational companies for marketing and advertising their brands, products, ideas e.t.c on a large scale. It also provided a suitable platform for running campaigns regarding various subjects.



                                                       Media today is as essential for our lives as the air we breathe. It has had a dramatic impact on our society. Not only did the thinking change but the media is also responsible for the changed behavior of people both individually and in the form of groups or communities. Media has played a key role in the shaping of public opinion by means of agenda setting.

    Like any other discovery, the media too has had both positive and negative impacts on the society.


    Media as a Source of Education:

       One of the most important roles played by the media is educating and informing the public. Distance learning is another attribute of the new media technology. It is through this, that a person sitting at home is able to study anywhere he wants around the globe. Lectures have been made available both online and for some institutions have even been aired on the TV where they have their own channels. 

       The electronic media has on its own also played a major role in educating people. By airing informative programs on channels such as National Geographic, the Discovery Channel. These channels have helped immensely in educating the children about important topics such as the varying weather conditions around the globe or all the different kinds of animals found both on and below the surface and much more.

       Internet too has played a vital role in educating people. The internet is a vast source of information containing relative content for people of all ages. Any information one seeks lies a click away. Several videos have been made for both children and adults for the purpose of educating or for assisting the process of educating them.

    Media as a Source of Information:

        Another important role that the media has played is in keeping the public informed about all the events around the globe. The tiny act of switching on the TV opens a realm of information. Anything happening anywhere around the world is made available within seconds to everybody via TV or the internet. The highs and the lows of weather conditions. The political environment around the globe, any new invention, any new developments in the scientific world, the introduction of a new drug into the market all this information lies within arms’ length.

       The internet has also made accessing information very easy. This particular aspect has been of tremendous help in higher studies. It has also helped in new developments. Ease in accessing information has opened up a world of new possibilities. Restrictions due to unavailability of information is no longer a going concern all thanks to the new media.  

    Media as a Source of Public Awareness:

        Yet another important played by the media in creating public awareness. This act was accomplished by the airing of numerous campaigns the sole purpose of which was to create awareness for the betterment of their own selves and the people around them. Campaigns such as the polio campaign, TB campaign, family planning campaigns, vote campaigns, campaigns regarding preventing the spread of STDs such as aids or hepatitis C or campaigns aimed at bringing domestic violence to an end. Several advertisements have played a vital role in educating people about prevention of diseases.  

       Media has played a vital role in the success of several campaigns such as the civil rights movement, gender equality or more recently a #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault.

    Media as a Source of Entertainment:

       The advent of broadcast media and electronic media breathed life into the entertainment industry. Various songs, dramas, motion pictures and programs were aired for the sole purpose of entertaining people.

       It played a vital role in diverting peoples’ attention form their routine problems and allowed them to sit back and relax.

    Vocal Space to Minorities:    

       The media has facilitated the minorities by bringing forth the atrocities and the human rights violation they have been facing, as is the case with several Muslim minorities around the globe. It has enabled the minorities to stand up in the face of what is wrong and demand their rights.

    Social Networking:

      The evolution of media has made the world smaller and smaller. People living in different corners of the world are able to interact with one another via social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It has enabled people to share their moments of joys and sorrows with just about anyone around the world.   



       Even though the media has done plenty to strengthen the society, it has, either directly or indirectly, also been responsible for damaging our society.

      The media is responsible for certain taboos that have now become socially acceptable. The kids today are not as energetic as should be. They prefer staying indoors instead of going out.

       People in the past were expected to adhere to certain social norms such that have now lost their values. Instead of interacting and communicating with the people around them they prefer engaging themselves in activities available online. Although social has caused people from distant parts of the world to connect, it has caused the people sitting next to each other to become more distant. It has also enabled people to create fake identities, one that fits their liking. This factor can rightfully be held responsible for the high rate of depression worldwide.

       Penmanship has lost its charm. Keyboard warriors are people have turned into. Knowing that they cannot be recognized, the weak and the less confident use the social media as their playmate.

      Another drawback hides itself behind the benefit that information has easily become available. There is all sorts of information and videos available online that is not suitable for people of all ages.

       Excessive video gaming and engaging in games online has not only caused people to become more alone but has affected them on a psychological level. It has made teens more aggressive and far more distant from reality then one wishes to be.

       With the availability of all forms of media all around the world, social boundaries have been crushed, cultural values and traditions once considered prestigious are now gradually going out of fashion. People are losing touch with their national language, cultural heritage and even food. American ways of life are being adhered to.

       Another drawback of the globalization of media is that the media can, whenever it wants to, divert peoples’ attention on an issue of their liking better known as agenda setting. To quote Bernard Cohen “the media may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling them what to think about”

    Yellow Journalism:

       Yellow journalism is yellow press is American term associated with fake news. This form of journalism can lead to serious harm as was the case in the war fought between Spain and America in 1898 were the American press printed false news in order to have the American government declare war against Spain.