Youth Unemployment; A major issue

  • Youth Unemployment


       Todays’ world, the one we live in faces many problems. Recession, terrorism, scarcity of necessities such as food and clean drinking water and unemployment are apt example of the major problems being faced by the human race. Among all these issues youth unemployment remains to be one of the most highlighted issues of the present. Any number of people whose age lies between the ranges 15-24 are recognized as the youth, so labelled by the United Nations. This is especially a concern in the emerging unindustrialized countries. Many efforts have been made in order to exterminate this problem in the past but have largely remained futile on account of various factors such as rapid urbanization, lack of education etc.

       Pakistan too has been familiarized with the concept of youth unemployment in the past and continues to face this problem still. The youth, according to a report submitted by UNICEF, constitutes sixty percent of Pakistan’s population. This indicates that Pakistan faces a youth bulge. While other countries may benefit from this factor it is has turned out be quite a problem for us. Owing to our highly unstable economy majority of our youth faces unemployment. Several factors have actively played their role in the growing rate of unemployment. Be it lack of infrastructure, urbanization, lack of industries, shortage of jobs, electricity short fall, we have it all. In addition to all that another factor that continues to play its role in ever growing rate of jobless individuals is an inept, selfish government that Pakistan has been blessed with. When it comes to job generation our governments in the past have failed us time and again and were successful merely in creating a delusion that they are trying their level best to introduce new jobs.

       According to statistics the graph of youth of unemployment has been steadily going up showing an increase from 1.3% in 2010 to 7.8% in 2017. The advent of the 21st century paved to a new realm of opportunities. The government had generated more jobs than ever and our economy was better than it had ever been before. However as time went by, due to saturation the graph of unemployment stared inclining again and reached an all-time high in 2009 when the rate of youth unemployment was higher than 8%. After that in the year in the year 2010 things got better again and the rate of unemployment fell down to 1.3%. It began to rise again steadily after that again. Two things are very important that while looking at these figures one is that we must bear in mind that these numbers highlight only the people lying between the age ranges of 15-24 and the second thing is that while these percentages look small when converted to numbers, these figures tend to make a startling difference.

       Causes of unemployment are plenty but to roughly sum it up it can be categorized into seven categories. The first category is demand is more than the supply. With the growing rate of population the demands cannot be met with. There is a constant shortage of food, electricity and other commodities that tend to our basic necessities. Number second is that supply is greater than demand. We have an ample supply of labor force that tends to go beyond our available vacancies. The population of our rural areas in comparison to urban areas is more due to lack of education and awareness. The third factor is the reluctance of foreign companies in investing in our country. Pakistan in terms of natural resources is a very rich country and speaking geo-strategically holds a very important position. Despite all this there is a lack of direct foreign investment, a negative attitude displayed by most investors. A major factor responsible for this reluctance is the ongoing terrorism in our country. Yet another factor that plays an important role is our inability of making better use of the minerals and resources that our country is very rich in. The inclusion of Baluchistan was very important for Pakistan however due to international interference we couldn’t efficiently put those resources to use. The proper use of these resources can open a lot of doors of different opportunities for people. The fifth factor, so to speak is our education system which is in dire in need of a few implications. With the exception of a few private schools, the rest of our schools both private and government are in a failing. Not only the schools but most of our colleges and universities are not up to the mark either. A poor education system leads to poorly educated students who do not fit the job criteria. Another important factor related to the education system is that our society follows cycle a good job which enables you to afford to afford a house and better education for your children, on the contrary no job means no education and no education means no job. The sixth factor is corruption. Our society is knee deep in corruption. However, the popular belief that only politicians are involved in/responsible for corruption is false. The complete denial of our most established business men to pay their taxes has led to a bad economy and while a bad economy reflects poorly on an international level it also created inflation and resulted in the rise of unemployment.  The seventh factor is the preference of the wealthy over the wise i.e. certain personnel prefer nepotism over merit. The sixth and the seventh factor go hand in hand, because our society is highly corrupt, influential people use their influence to get their people into the desired positions. On the other hand, people fulfilling the desired criteria were rejected.

       Unemployment has had several negative impacts on the society. William E Barret, a famous American author once said, “hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment, idleness is” because according to a famous saying “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. It has and continues to lead our youngsters astray. They are seen getting into the habit of drugs, involved in street crime, theft, robbery and all sorts of evils. Two morbid impacts of unemployment whose implications go beyond reasonable comprehensions are depression and suicide. Depression, the root of all evils, has painted our society grey. Suicide is another sordid implication of unemployment. The rate of suicide per year according a statistical report is that there are 2.1 suicide 100,000 individuals. When this is seen in the bigger picture it leaves one dumbfounded. The major reason behind suicide is bleakness, the complete loss of hope. The concept of “joie de vivre” roughly translated into “the joy of living” is lost on such individuals. Unemployment is listed among the top 10 causes of unnatural causes of deaths in Pakistan.

       What our government fails to acknowledge is that joblessness is a much bigger issue than it was ever before. It is a challenge that we face on a national level. Bigger than all other problems. The growing crime rate of Pakistan is partly due to this unemployment. In order to face this problem head-on the government needs to create a think tank whose focus is centered entirely on eradicating this issue. To address this issue electricity shortage also needs to be tackled. New industries need to be introduced in the country. Basic infrastructure needs to be provided. Skill schools need to setup. Foreign investors need to be motivated to invest keenly in Pakistan. Implementation of the education system are also in order. Our institutes need to be depoliticized. People should be selected on the basis of merit on and should not be discriminated on the basis of the absence of an influential background. Needless to say this issue cannot be resolved overnight. However, right efforts in the right direction will pave way towards a brighter tomorrow.

    Submitted by: Syed Shah Rukh Ali

    Class: M.Sc Mass communication

    CMS 23271

    Semester: 3rd