Blessings of Muharram

  • In this Holy month, the first man and woman (Adam (A.S.), Hawa (A.S.)) were created by Allah which started the life on earth to follow the teachings of Allah and also to carry on His message to the people for over centuries by sending Prophets by Him.

    Another important incident is the sacrifice of The Great Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A.) with 72 followers in the battle of Karbala on 10th of Muharram as it is being remembered which reminds the beautiful message about the true identity of the Muslims as they sacrifice in the name of Allah and Rasool (S.A.W.) and no matter what the cost it is either in the form of death (shahadah) or in the form of money. A true Muslim never fears for any kind of sacrifice as the real aim is to please one and only Allah and carry on His message. This battle also reminds us that there is always an end to lies and truth has to emerge on top as the winner.

    The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said “The best fasts after the fasts of Ramadan are those of the months of Muharram”. This signifies the importance of the Holy month of Muharram as it is also called the Month of Allah in which countless rewards are given to the Muslims around the world who prays and fasts for Allah and remembers the great sacrifice of Hussain (R.A.) and His followers for the survival of Islam. May Almighty Allah bless our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) and His family and give us the strength to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (S.A.W.)! Ameen.