Steel Material Of Barrel Mould

  • What kind of steel is most suitable for Paint Bucket Mould? In fact, the steel used for the mold depends on the material of the product and the number of molds required by the customer. Because some materials are corrosive, it is necessary to select corrosion-resistant steel for special treatment, if it is a common material such as PP PE For non-corrosive materials such as ABS, if you want the mold to last longer, use NAK80. Of course, this material is more expensive. If you want to be cheaper, you can use P20, H13, CR12, etc.

    Plastic mold steel commonly used: P20, 718H, S136, NAK80, 2738, etc.

    1. 8407 is a hot work tool steel made by ASSAB in Sweden, which has similar properties to domestic H13. Mainly used for die casting

    The mold can also be used on plastic molds such as PA and POM as the injection material.

    1. 718H ASSAB, Sweden, factory state and hardness, pre-hardened to HB 330-380

    Steel for general purpose. Highly polished and demanding inner mould parts, suitable for PA, POM, PS, PE, PP

    ABS plastic

    1. NAK80 Japan Datong factory state and hardness pre-hardened to HB 370-400

    Steel characteristics High hardness, excellent mirror effect, good electrical discharge machining, and excellent welding performance

    Steel general purpose electro-erosion and polishing performance mold

    1. Steel mill number WY718 Supplier Wuyang Factory state and hardness Pre-hardened to HB 290-340

    Steel characteristics Pre-hardened plastic mold steel Domestic price is relatively low General large mold requirements are not high

    You can check the specific information at the place where Datong and ASSAB sell materials in Japan

    LKM, which makes formwork, also sells materials and can be selected. Paint Bucket Mould is also our product, welcome to consult and contact us.